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LTP: 9/8/11

This one goes out to my fellow video gamers.  Which game do you feel has the highest re-play value? Just like I have books that I re-read and movies I re-watch, there are a few video games that I enjoy playing when I want to do something fun and non-taxing.

Generally I turn to one of the Dark Clouds or a Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance.  They aren’t as smooth or polished as newer games, but I have fun every time I play them.


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I’m not a traditional gamer, but I have to tell you that Lego Batman for XBox just never gets old. I’ve played almost all of the Lego video games (the Mister just got Pirates of the Caribbean for his birthday, but we haven’t started it yet), but Batman really holds up well. There’s nothing more satisfying than just running around smashing things and collecting bits for the heck of it when you’re feeling in a smashy mood.

I agree about Champions of Norath, I believe it was made by the same developer as BGDA.  They’re perfect for when I feel like running around hitting things with a stick.

I am also a little frustrated by current video game trends.  It seems like the type of game I enjoy is being pushed over to handheld games instead of consoles, and a DS just isn’t the same.  I did like Dungeon Siege 3 for PS3.  It was shorter than I expected, but I think there’s more content if you play co-op instead of by yourself.

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