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Lunchtime Poll – 9/14

It seems that half of our editorial staff has had birthdays within the past few weeks.  We all have different ideas of how we wanted our birthday to be celebrated or how we felt about our birthdays.  So I’ve been thinking about memorable birthdays.  What was yours? And was it memorable in a good or a bad way?

I am undecided about mine as I’ve never been big on having any large birthday celebration.  I usually prefer to have a quiet celebration with a few people.  Two years ago on my birthday I threw myself a party at my apartment and it was the most enjoyable birthday I’d had in years.  Although if I’m being honest and thinking about what first comes to mind when I think of a “memorable birthday,” it’s my 10th birthday where I could hardly keep myself from crying because turning 10 made me think about the fleeting quality of life and all the trials of growing old.  I was a weird kid.

What about you, readers?


By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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When I turned 16, my parents got tickets for me and my two best friends to go see the touring production of Chicago that came through town. My parents dropped us off at the park and ride by the university south campus, and we got to take the subway downtown ALL BY OURSELVES. And we had lunch at some restaurant downtown and saw the show and then took the subway back, where my Dad picked us up and drove them both home. IT WAS AWESOME.

We didn’t have a ton of money, but I was having a bit of a hard time of it, and nobody showed up for my fifteenth birthday party, which was fucking depressing, so they wanted to do something really nice for me. It was certainly memorable.

My most memorable was my tenth. My parents didn’t have a lot of money and late elementary was sort of the age of “fancy” birthday parties  in my group of friends like going to Discovery Zone, Museums, etc, which were all super expensive and I imagine put a ton of pressure on my Mom. So instead of doing that, she and my dad made 5 little wooden “troll beds” (it was also the year of being obsessed with trolls for girls my age) made of 3 pieces of wood and sanded them down, and then my Mom cut fabric scraps from her scrap bag for bedding. Myself and four of my friends spent the afternoon decorating the beds with tempura paint. It was really special and fun.

Did y’all know that Virgos are the most prevalent sign in the zodiac? I think it’s because in late December and January everyone is cold and snuggly and laying in bed a lot and doing sex.

I just had my birthday a week or so ago.

It was one of the BEST birthday parties I’ve had in a while. I threw a party for myself and invited only a few people, excluding people who I knew would want to come but might stress me out or bring weird people and I didn’t feel guilty about it. I wrote in my invite that I wanted people to bring me drugs and they ALL did and I made wonderful cocktails and yummy snacks and everyone, especially me, had a great time. And I didn’t have to leave the house.

I’ve had some worst of worst birthdays, so this paragraph could feasibly be a lot longer. I’ll just say that getting completely trashed on red wine in the middle of the day at Burning Man and then jumping face first off a moving vehicle and being dragged along the harsh desert floor and then vomiting all over your tent and passing out in the evening and missing the man burning and waking up early the next morning with huge bruises all over your body and between your ribs and realizing what had happened and yet having to quickly pack up your entire camp and drive 12 hours back to civilization with no pain killers is like, bad.

My best, I think, was my 29th.  I had mentioned to Mr.B that I had always wanted a surprise party, so he conspired with one of our friends to make one.  It wasn’t really a surprise, because he is truly terrible at keeping secrets, but I was surprised by how many people showed up.  It was an excellent party, with awesome food.

I LOVE my birthday.  Since I was a teenager, I’ve always planned my own birthday parties.  It suits me well, because I generally take my birthday as an excuse to do what I want and not feel guilty about making my friends do it with me.  Recently I’ve started having two parties – a party that I host, and a bar night.  We’ll see how long I can keep that up for.

My most memorable parties were probably my 18th or 21st.  For my 18th, my saintly parents allowed me to have about 20 teenagers over.  I had arts and crafts, catered Indian food, movies, and stayed up all night.  It was AWESOME.  And for my 21st, my older brother and my cousin, and some of their friends, took me out to the bars in Chicago.  We drank from 7 to 5 a.m., but they made me pace myself so I wouldn’t get sick.  We got Spanish food for dinner, we saw jazz at the Green Mill, and that was the first time I ever went to Carol’s, which to this day is my favorite after hours bar in Chicago (and one of my favorite bars period.)  The only thing I had to pay for all night was the cab ride back to my brother’s, because everyone else was out of cash.

My 18th birthday was also memorable because it was my best birthday dinner with my parents.  Every year through our 18th birthday, my parents would take each kid out on their birthday for just a parents-kid dinner (and movie, if we chose.)  For my 18th, my parents took me to a french restaurant, where I had my first restaurant wine, and gave me some really meaningful gifts and cards that I still hold on to today.  I just remember it being really wonderful to spend that time with them, and celebrate that kind of milestone.

All my parties are great though, those two were just the very most memorable.  We’ll see if I can top them one of  these years…

Somewhere in my late teens/early 20s, I got tired of throwing my own birthday parties, and I thought that meant that I hated birthdays in general. Lo and behold, I finally made some friends who went ahead and took the initiative to plan my birthday for me, and what fun! I love being spoiled and pampered by others (I am, in general, a person who puts a lot of time and energy into entertaining/treating others well, so it is just nice to have that kind of affection returned on my own terms from time to time). And birthdays are an excellent time to do it.

I’m 27, so take this with whatever size piece of salt you find necessary, but I’m not super worried about growing old. I think there are things to look forward to.

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