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Lunchtime Poll -9/28

I don’t know about you all, but I am glad it’s Wednesday and I’m not sure how I’ll make it to Friday.  I’ve got a cold just starting, and a to-do list that’s never-ending and one of them is going to finish me off, I’m sure. But I did make a purchase today that I’m pretty excited about: vitamins!

I freaking love vitamins. Give me a few good scientifically questionable anecdotes about the newest OTC vitamin craze and I’m there.  Never mind that only a few of my vitamin purchases have stood the test of time, either because I get tired of taking the pill or decide it doesn’t work, I still keep on trucking away to find that Magic Pill that we all want.  If the claims are for increased energy or improved skin, I’m a thousand times more likely to try it out.  And that’s why today’s purchase was zinc, because supposedly it can help with acne. And it’s toxic if you take too much, which makes it doubly exciting.

What vitamins do you take Persephone-friends? And are you as susceptible to the power of suggestion as I am?

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I take a few.  I have mild anxiety issues so I take a B complex and fish oil to help with that (along with working out, getting lots of sun, etc.)  I take iron supplements because I get anemic when I don’t, and vitamin C mostly to help absorb the iron better.  And Vitamin D when it gets cold and dark and I don’t get enough sun.

Also, I take a men’s multi-vitamin and a B vitamin when I’ve had a lot to drink because they usually (not always, but usually) do a good job of offsetting the hangover, especially if I chug a few glasses of water with them.

I’m made of two warring factions: One that wants to try Everything. Now. and another that is super Cheap. Can’t spend money. No!  So I end up never trying anything because the latter faction has better/ more logical arguments about fun trips to be taken later and my future.  But it doesn’t stop me from researching everything.

As to vitamins, I’m a non-taker, so I pay a lot of attention to what I’m eating and how much and make sure to do things like get my 15min of sun (sans sunscreen) everyday during non-peak hours to make my vitamin D.

I take a prenatal multi – prenatal not because I’m pregnant but because I have notoriously weak, thin fingernails and hair, and this has helped. Calcium citrate and B-12 (sublingual) because I have difficulty absorbing them through food and my nutritionist insisted I take them. Iron because I’m a woman in my 20s and a vegetarian who doesn’t eat spinach daily. And D because D vitamins are the boss of me.

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