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One Quiche to Rule Them All

Attention Persephone readers: the Morbid Curiosity food column will not be appearing today. Why? Did Jen run out of old cookbooks with unusual recipes? Did she finally destroy her stomach lining? No! Of course not! It’s because I made a lovely quiche this week, and I’d rather talk about that instead. That sounds like a good enough reason to me!

It is a meal that is ridiculously easy to make, and never fails to make me feel like a fancy gourmet-type person. It’s also amazingly delicious when done right. And this recipe is quiche done right. The strong, creamy Stilton works beautifully with the bacon. It’s a rich flavor combination that’s a great start for fall.

Bonus anecdote: When I made this recipe for my family, everyone seemed to be enjoying it. My mom, however, looked mildly concerned. “Jen,” she said, “I didn’t want to complain, but I think one of your ingredients might be off. I think I taste mold in something!” She didn’t realize that Stilton is a “blue” cheese. She’d just been quietly eating the quiche, thinking I’d put a moldy onion in it or something. I love my mom, you guys. She’s the sweetest. I promise I only feed her moldy things that are supposed to have mold in them.

1 deep dish pie shell (Yeah, I used a pre-made frozen one… what of it?)
6 slices of bacon, chopped
1 large yellow onion, sliced
2-3 cups mushrooms, sliced (they will cook down)
Enough crumbled Stilton (or other blue cheese) to cover bottom of pie shell
3 large eggs
½ cup heavy cream
Dash of pepper
A couple drops of truffle oil (completely optional fancy-pants ingredient)

Preheat the oven to 375°F. In a frying pan, fry chopped bacon until the fat starts to cook out of it, then add the onion. When the onion has started to soften, add the mushrooms. Sauté the mushrooms with the rest of the mixture. Add a couple drops of truffle oil (optional). Put aside mixture once cooked.

Crumble Stilton on the bottom of the pie shell. Add the bacon-onion-mushroom mixture evenly on top of the Stilton.

In a medium-sized mixing bowl crack 3 large eggs; whisk eggs lightly, then add heavy cream and pepper. Whisk together thoroughly. Pour the egg mixture on top of the ingredients in the pie shell.

Place the pie shell on top of a cookie sheet (to protect your oven in case of overflow) and put it into the oven for about 30 minutes. Allow to cool slightly before serving. Serves 4 hungry people.

A quiche featuring bacon, onions, mushrooms, and Stilton.
A quiche featuring bacon, onions, mushrooms, and Stilton.

By Jen R. L. Disarray

Jen was once described as a "culinary anthropologist". She liked that. When she is not making questionable foods, Jen enjoys reading, sassing, and lurking all over the internet. Jen has a blog called Maybe We Shouldn't Be Eating This, and she is a contributor to the Geekquality podcast and blog.

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No pickles or Velveeta? What? Okay, I guess every once in a while you are allowed to make something completely delicious and without weird banana additions :) This looks AMAZING! Would you believe I have a quiche in the oven right now? Jinx! Mine is diet quiche, which sounds like an oxymoron, but is actually pretty yummy too. You know how its done? No crust, just pour the eggy stuff right into a lightly greased pie dish. Also, you use 1% evaporated milk instead of cream. And then you eat it, and it is pretty tasty.

Thank you for making me hungry at 3 a.m. !

I found a recipe for a quiche that contained ham, sage, and gruyere. But instead of using a pie crust type of bottom, you’d simply tear apart a piece of whole grain bread and scatter it along the bottom of the pie tin.  Personally, I prefer quiches with the pie crust bottom.

Bon appetit!

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