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Recap: Parenthood 3.03: “Step Right Up”

This season is in full swing on Parenthood, with each character on the show developing an interesting storyline. When I tuned in, I was wondering about Alex & the criminal charges, Julia & the baby stalking, and Crosby & Adam in business together. SO MUCH is happening! See the rundown after the cut. 

The show opens with a giant Braverman yard sale. While Sarah frantically tries to hold onto Amber’s childhood by pulling her things out of the sale, Drew meets the neighbor, Amy. It’s the first time we’ve really seen Drew all season; his sister gets a lot more attention. With Zeke’s encouragement, he attempts to ask her out, but it doesn’t go very well. The second time around though, he makes the date. Go Drew!

We also get to see Crosby and Jasmine parenting Jabbar together for the first time this season. Crosby watches Jasmine flirt a little with Dr. Joe, who has diagnosed Jabbar with a wheat allergy. As Jasmine sets up Jabbar’s  food for the weekend, Crosby disses the food diary Dr. Joe suggested. (Crosby! DO NOT DISS THE FOOD DIARY.) It’s so cute watching Crosby and Jasmine together, I wonder if they’ll ever actually be together….although both of them secretly want to date Dr. Joe. Then Jasmine gets the phone call (for the record, I’d date Dr. Joe).

Amber is still bursting with independence in her trendy loft and working at the coffeehouse. Sarah’s trying so hard to hold on but not to look desperate. When she hears a critter in her kitchen, Sarah’s the first person she calls.

Adam and Kristina are getting an ultrasound done when the issue of gender comes up. Kristina decides that yes, they will find out the gender, and they voice their concern about this child being born with Aspergers. The tech announces they’re having a girl, and they breath a sigh of relief. Kristina then gets to be the guest of honor at the next Braverman party, a beautiful baby shower. I want that yard for parties.

Julia realizes she over stepped with Zoe and spends most of the episode avoiding her. Zoe finally brings her a latte and says, “Stop being crazy!” Yes, Julia. Please stop. Zoe then tells Julia she wants a closed adoption, which is why she couldn’t place her baby with Julia. Oh Zoe. Oh Julia.

Alex has been avoiding Haddie, and when she shows up, he’s agitated, which isn’t like him. Adam goes to Alex to offer help, but Alex isn’t sure what Adam will be able to do. Adam goes to talk to Zach’s parents. Douchebag dad did not buy it at first, but the episode ends with Haddie telling her parents the charges have been dropped.

Throughout the episode, the recording studio comes up, but it doesn’t get a lot of discussion. Actually, Crosby tries to talk about it with Kristina, but she cuts him off and simply says, ” “All I”m asking you is to not screw up.”

If it were only that simple.

What did you think? Are Haddie and Alex on the rocks? Can Amber really afford to live in that loft on a barista’s wage? Will Adam lose his shirt on the recording studio?

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