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Recap: Parenthood: Episode 3.02, “Hey, If You’re Not Using That Baby”

Parenthood on NBC  opens on the Max’s first day of school– the young cousins are at the same school now. Characteristically, Adam and Kristina are stressing far more than Max, Sidney, and Jabbar combined. Before the opening credits, Julia encounters the pregnant coffee girl, Adam tells Crosby his business idea is a good one, but that he can’t join him, and Sarah starts enjoying the sext times with the hot English teacher. These Braverman kids are busy! 

Here’s what we learned (or re-learned) about the adult Braverman children in this episode:

Sarah is afraid of love/a healthy relationship/commitment or something. Because, um, darling hot young teacher totally digs her. Mr. Young Thing is 28 years old, and Sarah’s a little hung up on it. When she tries to break the news to Amber, she’s so serious about it, Amber thinks she’s sick or dying or something. In the end though, she tells Mark (Mr. Young Thing) that she’s in.

Adam is more loyal than a golden retriever. He’s there for his pregnant wife, he’s there for his brother, he’s keeping it cool with his two kids. Kristina readily admits, “I’m unraveling a little bit, that’s all.” Oh Kristina, it’s only just begun.

Crosby is possibly the most persuausive, magnetic, screw up in all of television. He uses his brother’s social security number and gets a meeting set up with the landlord. As he starts talking about his vision for the luncheonette, Adam can’t help but chime in too. By the end of the episode, Adam’s abandoned his stable job offer and is ready to jump in head first with Crosby (shh, don’t tell Kristina).

JULIA STOP STALKING THE PREGNANT GIRL. IT’S RUDE AND INAPPROPRIATE. Your hot husband is right, you can’t go rogue when you want to adopt a child. Trust me on this one. (Thanks for being cool to Alex and Haddie, that is much appreciated.)

Here’s what’s going down with the spawn of Braverman:

Haddie has actually grown up a bit since last season. She and Alex did a stellar job of talking to her parents, and they keep it together with Julia. She goes to bat for Alex with the kid who Alex hit, and she keeps it together with him too. Even after Alex tells her about his criminal record, she keeps it cool. I think last season some of this stress would have resulted in a tantrum or six.

Max is sticking out at his new school, but he’s not really understanding why yet. His cousin Jabbar finds him over lunch one day, and introduces his first-grade friends. These little boys ask endless questions about video games, and the episode closes with Max engaging with them (turns out, his teacher is right – he’ll be just fine).

What did you think? Are the story lines getting too far-fetched? Will the Adam-Crosby partnership really pan out? Will Alex go to jail? Tell me what you think!

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Oh I hear you– he is exactly that irresistable puppydogmanboy (love that term), I think every girl has one in the back of her mind. Here’s the thing though-Crosby is just on the edge of it becoming pathetic. It’s hot now, there’s not denying it. BUT thinkg about him in 5 years…..I bet it won’t do it for you then : )

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