Parenthood! The Season Three Premiere of Parenthood!

I’ve been waiting for the premiere of NBC’s Parenthood season three since last season’s finale. Last season wrapped up with big questions looming, and one big question answered.┬áThis season opened with a very pregnant Kristina returning to work, kissing the unemployed Adam goodbye, Julia trying to make a better adoption video to lure expectant mothers into interviewing them, Crosby saying goodbye to Jabar as Jasmine picks him up, and Sarah taking Amber to a potential apartment.

This is me, talking to my friends on the tv screen:

Adam is ready to go off the deep end. He’s juggling in the kitchen. (WTH? Why isn’t he doing laundry or cleaning the bathroom or something?)

Julia! Unless you are the medical staff actually removing the child from a uterus, or the person who has impregnated the person, NEVER ASK IF A WOMAN IS PREGNANT! You should know this. When you ask the question, then, well, you kind of deserve the, “I’m having a human baby,” response. And it’s not cool to stalk a pregnant person weighing her options. EVER.

Sarah! This is your daughter’s diploma. I don’t remember you being such a helicopter mom at the beginning of last season. If it’s not important to Amber, Sarah, you can’t make it be important to her. Meanwhile, enjoy the time with the hot teacher. But maybe next time don’t shove your tongue down his throat.

Crosby, Crosby, Crosby. Stop it with the one night stands already, OK? They will continue to bite you in the ass.

As a typical Braverman “big episode,” there’s a whole family gathering (minus Haddie who’s out doing Jello shots with her friends) complete with dance party to celebrate Sarah’s 40th Birthday.

Haddie, Haddie, Haddie. Jell-o shots are never a good idea. When someone who loves you wants to take you home and you are too drunk to get there without their help, just go. You didn’t make your boyfriend punch out that kid, but he’s been removed by the police and that’s not good. It’s a good thing your aunt is a lawyer.

The premiere closed with hot teacher man delivering Amber’s diploma to Sarah.

Do you know where your highschool diploma is?

What did you think of the season opener? Will Crosby and Adam go into business together? Will Alex go to jail? What the hell is up with Haddie’s hair??

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I just want to say that I support this post, but I’ve only just started watching season 2, so I just skimmed over it going “la la la”. But I will be grateful for it sometime in the next few months, I’m sure. I love the Bravermans, and I need more people in the US to love ’em too.

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