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Persephone Lounge is Open for Business: OT for 9/8/11

The end of the week is in sight, folks! From what I can tell, it’s been a pretty tough week all around. So, pull up a comfy chair, grab your favorite drink (tonight it’s a chocolate chip milkshake for me– it’s been a tough day and I need to be up early tomorrow!), and tell us about your week so far.

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Dear work pc, leave me logged in at PM because else it confuses me every time where the reply thingy has gone.

I didn’t get the job I kinda wanted but neither did anyone else because the application is up again. Right. I do have another meeting on Wednesday for another job. Just keep swimming.

I am feeling rather jumbled lately. I think I am on the precipice of a large fight/falling out with my best friend. she’s in a sort of non-committal relationship with someone who is clearly manipulative/generally not great and has slowly cut anyone out of her life who dared to tell her so. I am the last to go, but I guess my time has come too.  This makes me so profoundly sad I am sort of beside myself. Ugh. I don’t know what to do.

I am having a really rough week. This was week 2 of Not Hooters Seriously But It’s Just Till I Am Barred Job. MBE scores came out last weekend and I found out I did better than the median and the BarBri magic score that means as long as you did the average on essays, you passes, but I have been obsessing about the essays ever since I got the MBE score and now I’m pretty sure I failed all of them. And I applied at a Nameless Firm Chain for a writer position with room to move up to an attorney position when I am barred, so even though it’s not what I want to do, it would still be a smart move, but that was 2 weeks ago and the time frame they gave me was 2-3 weeks, so this is The Week for me. I would still probably work at Not Hooters, but it would be so nice to have a desk job where I can use my expensive knowledge and maybe be an actual attorney once I am barred. So I am putting a lot on this job and I really want good news, and it’s still 4 weeks to find out if I actually passed the Bar and I kind of just cry any time I am sitting still.

Also, my boyfriend is out of town for the second weekend in a row for fun and I just really wish he were here because it turns out I was too busy for the last three years to worry about friends, and now I don’t have law school and I don’t think I have any friends. But also my boyfriend and I have our two year anniversary coming up in a month and I want to be engaged. I already told him I want to be engaged/have come up with a real timeline for engagement/marriage by year 2, and I don’t think either of those things are going to happen. And I’m disappointed by that. So I feel even lonelier.

Anyway. I’m sorry for ranting. Just, you know, lonely.

Thank you. I called my mom finally and just cried and vented about everything until my head started hurting, and now I think I will go lay down, because she’s right – suddenly working from 4 to 1 or 3 am is a bit physically draining and I think I need more rest. But I love internet hugs.

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