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Persephone Lounge is Open for Business: OT for 9/22

The week’s almost over, Persephoneers! It’s been a tough one, so come on in, grab a drink (I have some lovely box wine – a surprisingly good sauvignon blanc), pull up a comfy chair, and say hi. Let us know how your week has been.

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I lost my job Saturday, and I’m starting new birth control so my hormones are all kinds of out of wack, and I had to go to an extremely soul-crushing networking even tonight after taking Claritin, so I pretty much barely remember it, although I apparently talked the ear off a couple attorneys. :/ Oh, and I rewatched Bridesmaids, and sure enough, once again balled my ever loving eyes out because I am pretty sure my “BFF” (since preschool) has new best friends and doesn’t care about me, as evidenced by the fact that she comments on EVERYONE ELSE’S photos on Facebook and also didn’t text or call or anything when I graduated from law school. I realize that stuff is unimportant to her, but marriage/kids are unimportant to me and I still manage to drive to another state for her kid’s birthday parties/spend a small fortune on her wedding, so is it too much to ask for a little consideration when I do something important to me? And I found out my boyfriend is “prepared at any minute for [my] cry-bombs,” and now I feel like a truly insane person. Sigh.

Tomorrow I need to email my interviewer to follow up on an interview from 4 weeks ago, which has been reposted as an available position. BUT WHY?? YOU ALREADY INTERVIEWED ME! JUST HIRE ME! I don’t know! I talked to her last week after seeing it reposted, and she said if I had any questions to email her and gave me her email, but what does that meeeeeeeaaaaannnn?

Life could be so much harder right now, but it’s still rough.

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