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Picking the Top 16: Leading Ladies in Comedy, Variety, Musical or Educational

This is the last elimination round before I reveal the final bracket.  It’s sooooo good. It’s lady-yogurt-commercials-start-featuring-zombies good.  There are some first round match-ups that might make me lose sleep, they’re going to be so close.  Click on through to choose your favorite ladies to fill up the last corner. 

No tie-breaker needed today! Jump right in to the poll.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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7 replies on “Picking the Top 16: Leading Ladies in Comedy, Variety, Musical or Educational”

OMG there are so many good ones here. Aaghhh I can’t choooosee.  I had to cut Daria. She’s a little too high school me and not enough aspirational me.  I replaced her with Rhoda because I have fond memories of watching Rhoda reruns with my mom.  Uuugh this is so hard.  Do I choose the groundbreakers like Lucy or Murphy Brown, or the face of women today like Leslie Knope and Liz Lemon.  This may be more painful to me than MMM.

I had to let go of Liz Lemon and Annie from community which about made me want to cry.  But Liz, bless her, is just not a badass.  And Annie, compared to the other women on the show, isn’t badass enough to get my leading lady vote.  But it was hard.  SO HARD.  Especially Annie, who I secretly (or not so secretly anymore, I guess…) want to run away and elope with so we can live happily and crazily ever after.

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