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Podcasts You Should Download

Podcasts are free and full of fantastic information to distract you from a dull day at work. What is not to love about these? Read on for more information about the best podcasts to get you started.

A History of the World in 100 Objects: Each episode of this amazing podcast is narrated by the director of the British Museum, who chooses difference objects to represent different periods in history. Trust me when I say that by the 100th object you’ll be looking for cheap tickets to London to see everything in person.

The Moth: Stories told live and without notes by regular people. Often funny, ocassionally heartbreaking, The Moth will have you rivited.

Frontline Audiocast: You won’t miss watching the video, trust me. You get a full hour of amazing public affairs reporting for free! Perfect for days when you have busy work and need something to keep you occupied.

In Our Time: BBC Radio 4 has some of the best podcasts available, and In Our Time is just one of them. The host, Melvyn Bragg, interviews experts on a specific topic, usually something about history, philosophy or sociology.

Quirks and Quarks: For the science geek, this Canadian program discusses current scientific issues with experts. Despite my to-the-point description, the host is incredibely engaging and

The History of Rome: I’ll be the first to say that Mike Duncan has a soporific voice, but his research and narrative is impeccable, and the occassional Battlestar Galactica reference keeps me coming back every week. If classics is your thing, you’ll love this podcast.

In addition to these, most NPR programs are available in podcast form the day after they are aired and don’t even get me going on the fun that iTunes University offers. What are your favorite podcasts? Tell us in the comments.

By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

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My favorite podcast is Radiolab. Every time I listen I am in awe of the rich production value and the way that complicated topics like physics and memory are explored. I make several 6 hour drive through the desolate desert each year and Jad and Robert make it quite painless. The show also just won a Macarthur Foundation Genius Grant!


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