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Recap: Being Human UK, Episode 3.08, “The Wolf-Shaped Bullet”

Do you have your tissues handy? Because, trust me, if the end of this season doesn’t leave you a sobbing mess, well, I just don’t know.

As the police gawk at the unphotographable Mitchell, he pleads with Annie to help him get out. She doesn’t want him to get out, though. He tells her that he isn’t the same person who killed the Box Tunnel 20; he’s trying to stay human. He explains that’s why he left Herrick alive and reveals the “Wolf-Shaped Bullet” prophecy to Annie. Annie reminds him that she, of all people, wouldn’t think it was worth it. The victims need their justice. Herrick, in all his Vampire goodness, arrives and breaks Mitchell out. Annie pleads with Mitchell to stay, but he explains that he needs the secret from Herrick. Before he can get it, though, Herrick knocks him out.

At the house, Tom arrives looking for McNair and finds the bodies of Reed, Nina, and McNair. He calls it in and Annie overhears the call in the station. She pops over to the hospital, where Nina is being worked on. Turns out, Herrick only stabbed her, he didn’t snap her neck like I thought last week. As Annie looks around the room, one of the police offices from the scene flatlines. Instead of his door appearing, his bloody body sits up and sings, to the tune of “Three Blind Mice:”

What’s that barking/It’s all starting. Like a row/of dominoes. Can you stop them falling/Someone’s due a mauling. Here it comes/the wolf-shaped gun. Annie, listen/here’s your mission. Mitchell’s toast/if you’re a scaredy-ghost. Come to purgatory/stop shit getting gory. Or the big bow wow/ends his story now.

The door appears for the young cop and Annie says she’ll go with him.

As Tom buries McNair’s body, we hear the letter he wrote before the moon:

Tom, if you’re reading this, then I’m dead. Somewhere in this house is a vampire. He’s the one I’ve always been searching for. He was there when I became this creature. And tonight, I tried to kill him. If I had, I would have been able to stop. But I wasn’t doing this for me. Or the man I killed two months ago. Or even your parents. This was for you. My Tom. This must be the final act. Tom, I want you to live a different life now. One that’s decent. You see, we’ve lost everything that was harmless and mundane. When I sat down to write this I realized I’d forgotten how to hold a pen. It’s so long since I did something so ordinary. I was selfish. I turned you into a weapon for my own war. The things I’ve asked you to do, they make me ashamed. Let it end. I want you to be home now. Stop this chaotic, violent life. Make this the end of that story. I die tonight, but don’t avenge me. It’s getting dark. I have to go. Always know that I love you, Tom. I wish I really had been your father. Your comrade, Anthony Michael McNair.

Mitchell wakes up in the wolf fight cage. A precaution, Herrick explains. He doesn’t know where Mitchell’s loyalties lie: one minute, he’s letting George kill Herrick and the next, he’s massacring 20 people. Herrick wants to pick up where he left off, but he needs to know that Mitchell will be at his side. See, Herrick’s got a plan: he’s going to get rid of the werewolves, then the ghosts. Mitchell tells him to do whatever he wants; he knows his normal life with Annie and George is over. Herrick accuses him of saying whatever will get him out of the cage and Mitchell says that finally, Herrick has it figured out. Mitchell’s always been an opportunist; always done whatever it takes to survive. Vampires piss him off, so he runs to humanity. Humans betray him, so he slaughters a bunch of them. He can be the villain if that’s what he needs to be. “There’ll come a day when one of us finally kills the other,” Herrick says. Mitchell says it won’t be today and Herrick wants him to prove it. He has George brought into the cage.

In purgatory, Lia finds Annie and says she sent the message. She leads Annie into a room where they can see Mitchell and Herrick on the screen. Annie is horrified when she realizes that George is the Bullet. She wants to go help them, but Lia won’t let her. Annie asks Lia what’s going on and Lia reveals that she made it all up. She wanted revenge, wanted to punish Mitchell, so she wanted to drive a wedge between the two men. The prophecy was never real, but Mitchell’s made it into a self-fulfilling one.

Mitchell tells Herrick that he’s got the dates wrong, but quickly realizes that Herrick wants them to fight mano-a-mano. Herrick reveals to George that Mitchell killed the Box Tunnel 20, but Herrick is disappointed to find that George isn’t surprised. Herrick starts telling George how Mitchell was trying to get him to turn back; oh, and by the way, he killed McNair. Oh, and left Nina for dead, too. Mitchell shakes his head. George shakes the cage and screams in agony. Herrick explains that by leading Reed to him, Mitchell lit the fuse and then walked away. Mitchell tells George not to listen to Herrick, but George runs at him and attacks him as Mitchell apologizes. Mitchell realizes that George is the bullet as Herrick throws a wood stake in the cage. Tom enters the fray, though, and is about to kill Herrick, but Mitchell holds George at point in return. Tom lets Herrick go and Mitchell ushers Herrick away, telling him that Herrick needs to kill George publicly, make a statement. Mitchell lets George out and promises to kill Herrick, but explains that he needs to know something first. George tells him to shut up. “You don’t say my name now, you don’t even look at me now. You are not my friend. You’d better go. Your boss is waiting.”

Annie turns the TV off and asks Lia why she was brought here. Lia says that it was still to punish Mitchell, to deprive him of Annie. Annie realizes she was a weapon, too, in this game of Lia’s. Lia corrects Annie: it was revenge. It was setting the world straight agin. She explains that they’re in her room, what effect her death had on her parents, her brother: she did this for him. Annie asks about Nina. Collateral damage, Lia shrugs. Annie changes tactics, says what the hell, besides, when Nina gets there, she’ll need a friendly face. And they’ll have to watch George now that he’s lost Nina and the baby; watch him turn hard. She tells Lia that George, Nina and the baby are like her comrades– the last victims of the Box Tunnel Massacre. Lia is hurt and Annie tells Lia that she’s out of her depth. Grief and revenge aren’t things to get drunk on. Lia doesn’t know how to undo everything. Annie tells her to let her go back and see Nina, who hasn’t arrived yet. Lia doesn’t want to be alone, so Annie tells her to find Gilbert.

Back in the ward, Annie strokes Nina’s hair and whispers in her ear. Nina jolts and breathes in. George arrives with Tom and he and Annie share a smile as he’s pushed back out by the nurses.

Man, this is a packed episode. We’re not even remotely done yet.

Herrick and Mitchell sit in a car. Herrick says that it’s all just beginning. He guesses it’s about time he explains the trick. He got lucky; if he’d been staked, there’s no way back from that. Mitchell stops him. He doesn’t want to know anymore. Herrick wants to head back to England, but Mitchell wants to show him something first. They look out on a sunrise over a rocky beach and Herrick remarks that the world will soon be theirs. “Don’t you understand? It always was,” Mitchell says as he stakes Herrick. Herrick smiles as he turns to dust.

At a police station, a well-dressed team enters. The Main Man quiets everyone down and turns on a walkie-talkie, which is broadcasting an altercation. Main Man informs them all that was the Box Tunnel 20 killer going down; someone else did their job. They’re all fired. Someone asks who he is and he introduces himself as Edgar Wyndham: “I’m from Head Office. I am the man from Del Monte. I am the wrath of God.”

At the house, George and Annie sit and read about the person who went down for Mitchell’s crime. Nina is in the kitchen making some tea. Annie can’t believe how quickly she’s recovered, and how much she’s showing. George sees Mitchell outside. The former roommate comes in and Annie explains that they can’t go back to the way they were. Mitchell knows. He takes out a stake and asks George to kill him. Annie tells him that Lia made it up, there’s no wolf-shaped bullet, but Mitchell knows it doesn’t matter. He’ll kill again, he needs to be stopped. Nina asks why he can’t do it himself and Mitchell says that it has to be the final piece of George’s story with him. Nina calls bullshit on the dramatics, but Mitchell reiterates, “He has to kill me because he has to disown me.” George takes Annie and Nina into the kitchen and Annie says that Mitchell’s right, he’s a ticking time bomb. The girls are for it, but George isn’t, suggesting they just exile him. Annie says that letting him go is still a decision. George goes out to Mitchell and asks where Herrick is. Mitchell explains that he’s proper dead. George asks what Mitchell sees when he looks at him.

Mitchell: My friend.
George: That’s good.
Mitchell: A werewolf.
George: Okay.
Mitchell: I want to pull your spine out through your mouth.
George: What’s happened to you?
Mitchell: It won.
George: So who am I talking to?
Mitchell: An echo.

George suggests Scotland, keeping him in the attic, forgiving him. Mitchell says it’s not George’s place to forgive him. He tells George that it would be heroic. He tells George that he was using him, taunts him, tells George that he betrayed humanity just to have a roommate. George asks if Mitchell really wants him to believe this. Mitchell breaks: “No. Of course not. Oh please, George. God, I can see their faces! Not just the people I’ve killed but the people I’m going to kill. I’m so scared. I want to tear my eyes out. Is it going to be another train next time? Oh, Jesus, or a school? It’s all so inevitable. Please do it. Please. You need to stop me. And if you can’t do it for me you have to do it for them. Please. Please.”

Nina and Annie are with the boys now and they cry as they nod at George. George tells Mitchell to stand up and asks if this is really happening. Mitchell assures him, “This is a good thing you’re doing. That stuff I said is not you. Remember once I told you that anything that happened would have happened a lot sooner and a lot worse if it wasn’t for you two.” To Nina: “Look after him. And look after the baby. I guess I’m finally doing the decent thing.” Nina tells him this is what they’ll remember. Annie goes in for one last kiss. Mitchell tells her that she was the love of his life and she returns the sentiment. He thanks all of them for making him human and takes his jacket off. As George pulls his arm back to stake Mitchell, a nursery rhyme comes over a bullhorn. Wyndham enters. Mitchell explains that he’s with the old ones (and he’s clearly learned the secret of not having to be invited in). Wyndham tells Mitchell that the old ones think that Mitchell needs to stay alive, that he could be useful.

You’re going to dance for me. You are going to kill and rampage. {to George} You are going to be my attack dog. And the day that you say no is the day that I crucify George and Nina. In Regents Park. What about the rest of you. What about Annie. Now, I think you’re more powerful than you imagine so I’m going to keep you around. Besides, there are going to be a lot more ghosts. And then there are the history makers. A werewolf impregnated by another werewolf. We’ve never seen the like. The others want you culled. I’m the curious type. I want to see exactly what it is that’s going to pop out. But there’s something I want you to do in return. I want you to pass on a message. To every werewolf, every ghost, every vampire that you meet. You tell them the world is under new management now. It is year dot. You tell them this. The age of the vampires has begun.

George picks the stake back up and stares down an incredulous Wyndham. “I’m doing this because I love you,” he says to Mitchell. Mitchell Han Solos it with an “I know,” as George turns and stakes him. George, Nina, and Annie face Wyndham. “I think you’ve got a fight on your hands.”

While I knew that Aidan Turner would be leaving the show, it didn’t make the way he left any less emotional. It is somewhat infuriating that our family has been torn apart by one revenge-filled young woman, but Mitchell did have a lot to make up for.

I can’t wait to see where they go in season four… a werewolf baby and the introduction of the Old Ones? I’ll be watching.

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