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Recap: Doctor Who, Episode 6.11, “The God Complex”

In this week’s installment, our raggedy Doctor visits his version of the Overlook hotel, where he meets a devilish beastie, a sad clown, and a group of people he can’t save. 

In a departure from the usual recap-by-retelling-the-story format I normally use, I thought I’d turn the discussion over to the readers today with a few points from me as a starting point. I feel like I need to experience this episode from some other perspectives to really get it.

Do you think this is the last we’ll see of Amy and Rory?

Was this a satisfying way to move on from them as companions?

How does this ending compare to that of Rose, Martha, Donna, Jack, and Wilf?

Do you think the Doctor will get a new companion, or has he decided to go it alone, lest he mess up anyone else’s life?

Is it just me, or did Amy and Rory seem relieved to be off the hook?

What would be in YOUR room in the scary hotel? (For me, it’d be a completely dark room full of spiders. Or at least that’s what I’m telling y’all.)

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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I still don’t know how I feel about this episode. I doubt this is the end-end of Amy & Rory since we know the Doctor sees them again in Utah (albeit they’ve already seen older him there), not to mention we’ve been blatantly ignoring the elephant in the room (River) for far too long. I feel like there are too many loose ends for them to disappear completely at this point. When other companions left, their stories seemed complete. With Rory and Amy there are too many questions that need answering, and I will fume if they don’t come back at least once.

This was definitely different from how we’ve seen companions go in the past, and I think is for two reasons. First, the Doctor has been confronting his negative image over and over this season, to the point he’s admitted he does things for selfish reasons and that he’s screwed up former companions. It seemed that he was attempted save Amy and Rory before he screws them up too.

Second, and somewhat related, I think Rory’s character played a huge part in the Doctor beginning able to see the other, darker side of himself. In this episode, we learn that the minotaur feeds on faith. While Amy is taken over due to her faith in the Doctor, Rory is fine, seemly meaning that he has no faith. I see this less as him not having any faith, but perhaps in losing faith.  Rory seems jaded by the reality of their adventures and traveling. We can see this too in last weeks episode when he lashes out at the Doc when he’s forced to choose between the Amys. One thing that sets Rory apart from other companions is that he didn’t jump on the TARDIS to follow the Doctor, he did it to follow Amy. Other companions generally come on board after being mesmerized by the Doctor and the excitement of adventure. Because Rory isn’t wearing these rose colored glasses, he’s able to see pass a lot of the Doctor’s BS, which I think aided in the Doctor’s self realization that he’s not all puppies and sunshine.

What would be in my room? Probably a ferocious grizzly bear and kale.


I read the review over on Pajiba, one of Persephone’s internet BFFs, and the commenters over there brought up some great points, in speculation that we’re dealing with the ‘ganger version of our Doctor.
1. He ate an apple and seemed to really enjoy it, and “apples are rubbish” (“The Eleventh Hour”)
2. He was wearing boots, not shoes (“The Almost People”)
3. He solved a Rubik’s cube. (“Night Terrors”)

I really think they’re right, and the dumping of Amy and RIver was Future ‘ganger Doctor trying to save his more corporeal self some heartbreak and tough decisions. Which adds a whole new layer of complexity (in a good way!) to this week’s episode.

I guess we’ll know in two weeks, huh?

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