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Recap: Haven 2.10, “Who, What, Where, Wendigo”

Outside a truck stop, a trucker listens to the radio while ogling a waitress. There’s a report on the radio of a dismembered body found in the woods. The cops are looking to question a man with a rose tattoo on his arm. The trucker sees a teen boy run out of the diner, followed by the man with the rose tattoo. They head toward a shed at the edge of the woods. The trucker pulls out a gun and follows them. There’s growling coming from inside the shed. The trucker is thrown around ““ we don’t see what does it ““ and tossed out onto the ground.

Audrey and Nathan have been called. Audrey, by the by, is dealing with her breakup with Chris by mainlining coffee. The trucker, a bag of peas on his head, confirms the man in a police sketch is the one he saw. Dwight shows up to convince him a bear knocked him around. Audrey marvels that when you look like a Viking, people just believe whatever you say.

She and Nathan learn the kid being chased is Rory Campbell (the waitress’s kid goes to school with him). The dad has been notified and is on his way. They find a blood trail going into the woods (they love a good blood trail on this show). Audrey finds and bags a bracelet with the word FOREVER stamped on it. Nathan wants more people for the search, but Audrey points out that they don’t know who they can trust. “From now on, Nathan, it’s just you and me,” she says.

Mr. Campbell confirms the bracelet is Rory’s, though he doesn’t know where he got it. Campbell, a former Marine, insists on joining the search. Dwight also wants to come. Audrey calls Duke but he says he has plans. Nathan calls in the Teagues, who seem to be arguing over whether or not to share some bit of information.

The group splits up ““ Dave with Nathan, Audrey with Campbell, and Vince with Dwight. Vince accuses Dwight of “tempting fate.” Dwight says he’s thinking about “Lizzie,” who would’ve been nine yesterday. They hear some kind of creature roaring in the woods.

Campbell questions Audrey’s qualifications. Then they find another blood trail, but it only leads to a raccoon. But then Audrey finds a mangled body pinned to a tree nearby. Campbell doesn’t want to hear that his kid might have killed the man. “He was damn near valedictorian of his class!” he argues. Oh, well in that case, I’m sure he totally didn’t do it. Dave says maybe it was a Wendigo. Vince, for some reason, doesn’t want him talking about the Wendigo.

Dwight confirms there are human teeth marks on the body. Campbell denies a history of Troubles in his (or his dead wife’s) family. He’s getting annoyed and impatient. They split up again, and Nathan and Dave find oddly spaced footprints. They follow a noise, and Nathan and Duke end up pointing guns at each other. The Rev and his men surround the pair, guns pointed at Nathan. Audrey shows up and slightly defuses the situation.

Duke says he and the Rev are just “concerned citizens.” Nathan informs the Rev that the killer is dead. The Rev is still super eager to hunt someone who might be Troubled. Campbell is happy to have more people join the search, still sure that his son isn’t Troubled. Because, you know, he’s almost valedictorian and everything. Nathan questions Duke’s choice of company; Duke says to stay out of his way.

Audrey thinks Evi’s death has pushed Duke over the edge. Nathan hopes he’s just bluffing. They both agree they need to watch out for the Rev. Dwight, alone tying his shoe, has a vision of what I assume is his daughter Lizzie, posing in a tutu. He’s distracted by a roar and when he looks back, of course she’s gone.

Nathan and Audrey reach the water’s edge, where they find a girl’s bloody sweatshirt. They hear a noise, and Rory comes barreling out of the woods. His father grabs him. Rory says he killed the man who was chasing him. One of the Rev’s men arrives, bitten by something he didn’t see. Rory runs back into the woods, ignoring his father calling for him to come back.

The rest of the search party catches up and they plan to make camp as night approaches. Duke asks Audrey for matches, as his group has been unable to start a campfire. Audrey’s pissed, but Duke confides that he’s waiting to get revenge until he can get the Rev to give him answers. Audrey tells him to be careful about looking for answers; a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

Something starts screaming in the woods. The Rev’s group eagerly heads in after it and the others follow. Nathan trips over a gutted deer, and comes across sisters Sophie and Frankie Benton. Little Sophie’s mouth is smeared with blood. “She’s hungry,” Frankie explains.

Audrey, looking for Nathan, comes across the Rev. He says everyone else went back to camp. I guess he’s just standing alone in the woods enjoying the silence? He confirms that he and his men are there to make sure “the right people” get killed. Charming. Audrey asks where Nathan is, but the Rev walks away without another word.

Nathan grabs Audrey and introduces her to Frankie and Sophie, “sisters and Wendigos.” Their Trouble was triggered when their parents were killed in a plane crash. They can’t bear to live in town “with all the smells,” so they’ve been living in the woods. Sophie assures Audrey that they don’t eat people. Rogue middle sister Amelia, on the other hand, isn’t as picky. Audrey and Nathan determine that Rory (Amelia’s boyfriend) lured the killer into the woods to feed Amelia.

Sophie’s experiencing hunger pangs, but they can hear the search party approaching. The sisters race off to their hiding spot. Audrey and Nathan decide to seek out the ranger station (Rory and Amelia’s meeting place) in the morning. The next day at the ranger station, Amelia’s in bad shape. Rory tries to convince her she’s about to turn a corner, but she knows she needs to feed.

The Rev promises Duke they’ll have a nice long conversation when they get back to town. He says Duke’s destiny is to save Haven. Duke walks away, satisfied for the moment. Rory comes up behind the Rev, knocks him out, and drags him off.

Nathan and Audrey’s group arrives to find the ranger station empty but for a tin cup. (Meanwhile, the Rev’s group ““ minus the Rev ““ follows a set of footprints further into the woods.) Audrey wants to get Frankie to help them find Amelia before the little lynch mob does. The Teagues stay at the ranger station while Audrey, Nathan and Dwight make a run for it.

When they find the girls, Sophie is feverish. Frankie knows she needs food. Dwight carts Sophie off to his truck while Frankie goes with Audrey and Nathan to find Amelia.

Rory’s tied the Rev to a tree for Amelia, who’s enticed by the bloody wound on his head. Meanwhile, Dwight and Sophie chat about the ballet and Lizzie, until Dwight is felled by a bear trap. He offers to let Sophie feed on him, but she refuses, convinced he can save her. Then she curls up on the ground for a nap. I know she’s supposed to be listless with hunger, but this young actress just seems hilariously disinterested. But whatever, Dwight is apparently motivated and manages to free himself.

Elsewhere in the woods, the searchers start following the sound of Rory calling for help. Frankie, however, can smell that the blood is coming from the opposite direction.

Amelia has a knife, but stupidly uses it to free the Rev. She tells him to run. He grabs the knife and Amelia, preparing to kill her. Frankie approaches and the sisters see each other. Frankie falls trying to run to her sister, and Amelia breaks free to go to her side. Their movements are sped up, even though they’re like ten feet apart.

The Rev drops the knife, and we see that he’s been shot by Audrey. Not that I’m sorry to see him go (although I do wonder who’s going to replace him as the antagonist), but this all seems sort of unnecessary. I can’t believe super-strong Frankie couldn’t break free of an old ass man. Come on, now.

“You were aiming for his shoulder, right?” Nathan asks. Audrey doesn’t answer. Everyone else arrives. Rory tries to go to Amelia, but his father holds him back. Audrey admits she shot the Rev to save Amelia. “So what?” some asshole whines. “She’s a monster. He’s a man of God.” Nathan says Audrey followed procedure, “End of story.”

Dwight’s given Sophie some morphine to stabilize her, and packed her and her sisters into his truck. Amelia tells Rory she now knows she’s stronger than her hunger. He says he loves her and promises to wait for her. Dwight drives off, but not before looking at the pictures of his daughter pinned to his sun visor.

Nathan asks the Teagues where Dwight is going. He learns there’s a slaughterhouse full of livestock where the Benton girls can wait out the Troubles. Vince asks, “What the hell happened out there?” It’s not clear if he gets an answer.

Audrey is worried about the inevitable inquiry into the shooting. Duke is angry he didn’t get his answers. Audrey sarcastically apologizes. She asks if Duke would have saved Amelia if he’d been in Audrey’s place. Duke isn’t sure. “I did what I had to do,” Audrey says.

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I’m disappointed in Audrey.  Nobody’s perfect, but I didn’t expect her to go ahead and kill the Rev this way.  And I’m worried about her relationship with Duke.  I don’t want him to become the next Big Bad because I enjoy the tension between her and Nathan.

However, I’m starting to wonder how much is left to the show – how many other variations of “the troubles” are there?  And when can we ever find out what the deal is with the Colorado Kid?

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