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Recap: Haven, Episode 2.11, “Business As Usual”

There’s a 10K going on in Haven. Yeah, running. Not to or away from anything, but just for the hell of it. One of those things I am never going to understand. Anyway, one of the runners, Reggie, is having a hard time. I feel you, dude. He starts gulping down cup after cup of water, but nothing seems to help. He collapses in a chair before his body rapidly dries up like a mummy.

When the cops arrive, naturally Nathan isn’t feeling the heat, even though his shirt is drenched in sweat. They make a point of mentioning the heat, but Audrey is wearing a goddamn denim jacket for some reason. Nathan worries she’s not dealing with the shooting, even though she’s already been cleared. Dwight shows up and it turns out he knows Reggie. He knows Reggie was Troubled, but doesn’t know the particulars. Dwight mentions a Troubled support group meeting that’s coming up. I guess they’re starting the “hot stove” meetings back up. Audrey thinks Nathan should go, but he’s more interested in shutting it down.

Outside, some asshole named Patrick starts arguing with a man named Stu, accusing Stu of being Troubled. Nathan and Audrey go to intervene and Patrick warns them that when they “screw up” again, they’re “going down.”

At the station, Nathan’s having a private phone conversation. Seems he has someone tracking down information for him. Audrey comes in to tell him the coroner’s report was inconclusive. Nathan had someone out of town handle it, trying to keep Trouble-related cases even more under wraps than usual. Unless they’re also using an out-of-town coroner, the information’s probably going to get out pretty soon, especially since Nathan gets a call reporting another desiccated body.

They find the mummified body of a guy named Barry sitting on a tractor. Barry’s wife Annie says he was Troubled. He was planning to attend the meeting, which his friend Stu was organizing. Audrey and Nathan head to Stu’s house and find the front door ajar and his wife Colleen bound and gagged inside. She tells them Stu was kidnapped, and he had a list of everyone attending the meeting.

Meanwhile, Duke finds the silver box while going through Evi’s stuff. There’s a note in it saying she wants him to have it. Following her instructions, he puts it under his iguana tank light and sees the name Crocker on it.

Colleen tells the cops she noticed the number 38 ““ Patrick’s race number ““ written on the kidnapper’s leg. Audrey and Nathan bring Patrick in and he gets pissy. He’s a lawyer and threatens to sue them for harassment. Nathan lets him leave to “protect” Audrey, which pisses her off. She wants to know if he thinks killing the Rev was the right thing. He says he knows it was, but one of them has to follow procedure.

The Teagues pull up to the Herald on their bikes. The issue with news of the Rev’s death has been selling like crazy. Duke stops by to show them the box, and the name on it. (He has a handheld black light, because who doesn’t?) Dave agrees to look into it, but Vince is extremely reluctant, so Duke doesn’t feel comfortable leaving the box with them. After Duke leaves, Dave tells Vince, “It’s time the town faced its realities. All of them.” After Dave leaves, Vince makes a call to someone and says he has a job for them.

That night, Duke arrives at his boat and notices movement inside. He draws his gun and heads in, but ends up disarmed and fighting in the dark. When the lights come on, he realizes he’s fighting Dwight. Dwight gets the box but Duke has the key. Duke tells Dwight the Teagues are obviously playing them against each other. He asks Dwight if he wouldn’t rather look for answers than fight.

The next day, Audrey has tracked Patrick down to (what else?) an abandoned warehouse by putting an APB out on his car. Nathan is worried Audrey is going to get herself suspended, fired, or even arrested. She doesn’t care, determined to help the Troubled as she believes only she can. She gets out of the car and goes after Patrick, ostensibly for jaywalking.

Dave calls Duke to tell him one of his ancestors actually commissioned a pair of boxes in the 18th century. Dwight wonders if he’s making a mistake working with Duke. Duke suspects the key he has opens the other box in the set. He and Dwight commiserate over their shitty fathers. Duke thinks his father might have hidden the other box on the last boat he owned.

Meanwhile, Audrey’s got Patrick cuffed to a post inside the warehouse. For jaywalking. She has totally thrown the book out the window at this point. Nathan tells Audrey he isn’t just worried about her as his partner, as she’s more than that. Swoon. A fire alarm starts going off, and Patrick seems strangely eager for Audrey to go upstairs and check it out. Nathan warns her they don’t even know what Stu’s Trouble is, but she still rushes up there. Stu’s bound and gagged, the room burning down around him. Audrey goes to free him, and he warns her that his sweat kills people. That’s somehow frightening and pathetic, all at once. She tells him it’s okay and guides him out.

Duke and Dwight are on Simon Crocker’s old boat. Duke asks Dwight about his Trouble and Dwight tells him he only found out about it when he was serving in Afghanistan. Sal, the boat’s current owner, shows up and wants to know why the hell Duke’s poking around his boat. He informs Duke that his father owned another boat before he died: the Cape Rouge, which now belongs to Duke. Apparently Simon let Duke think he won the Cape Rouge in a poker game on his 21st birthday.

Nathan and Audrey have taken Stu home. He explains that his Trouble kicked in at the race, and he accidentally made Reggie and Barry sick before he realized what was happening. He wants to leave town because he doesn’t feel safe, even though Patrick has been arrested. His wife is determined to go with him, despite the whole “not touching” thing.

Stu gives Nathan the list of people coming to the meeting. He tells Nathan the town is already divided and he needs to choose a side. As Audrey watches Stu and Colleen drive off, Nathan gets a message on his phone and sends one back. Audrey wonders if she made everything worse by killing the Rev. Nathan gives her Lucy Ripley’s address, which he’s been working to find on his own. Audrey hugs him, stunned. Nathan hopes she’ll come back after she has her answers and she promises she will. She tells him, “You’re not just my partner, either.” She starts to walk away but turns around and plants one on Nathan before leaving. Squee.

We see Audrey approach an older woman fishing. She asks the woman if she’s Lucy Ripley. The woman says Audrey told her twenty years ago that she’d be coming by. Lucy says Audrey’s amnesia is proof that “they” found her. All she knows is that someone died, and Audrey found out how the Troubles might have started and how to stop them. But of course Audrey remembers none of this. Lucy tells her a man named Simon Crocker came by shortly after she left, and Lucy hopes she did the right thing by not telling him what she knew.

Duke and Dwight find a barrel on the Cape Rouge with the matching silver box ““ about the size of a boot box ““ inside. Duke unlocks it and finds a bunch of old stuff, including weapons and what looks like it might be a journal. Audrey shows up and tells Duke what she learned about his father. While they’re talking, Dwight totally starts moseying off the boat with the box. Duke moves to stop him, and ends up slicing him with a dagger from the box ““ but Duke is the one who recoils in pain. And here’s where shit gets extremely weird: Dwight’s blood spatters on Duke’s hand and disappears after a moment. Dwight tries to sneak up on Duke while he’s distracted by the pain and the blood; Duke spins around and single-handedly sends him flying off the boat. What. The bloody. Hell.

Dave is letting the Troubled hold their meeting at the Herald, which Vince does not appreciate. He warns Dave he’s “starting a war,” and says he wants no part of it. Dwight comes to tell Vince that he failed. Nathan shows up for the meeting, determined to do what he thinks is right, rather than what looks good to the town.

On the Cape Rouge, Duke is annoyed to find his super-strength has gone as quickly as it came. He goes through the book in the box, discovering it’s some kind of ledger dating back hundreds of years. The writing on the last pages is Simon’s. He’s written a message to Duke, saying, “You must kill her.” And then clipped to the next few pages are pictures of Audrey/Lucy. And Audrey’s sitting right there next to him. That’s not going to be awkward at all.

Next up: the season finale.

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