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Recap: Haven, Episode 2.8, “Friend or Faux”

Inside a pretty house in Haven, a man gets up and heads to the bathroom. His twin, however, has beaten him to it, and left the room a mess. He also trashes the kitchen making breakfast (for one). The man comes up behind him while he’s eating pancakes and shoots him in the back of the head. He gets into his car and turns the radio from hard rock to something much softer. Then there’s a weird noise from the backseat. The twin pops up, gun in hand, and forces the man out of the car. “There’s someone I need to kill,” he says.

At the Gull, a kid named Henry, who’s working for Duke, accidentally breaks some glasses. Duke tells him not to worry about it. Aw. After Duke (happily) agrees not to tell the cops what Henry’s about to tell him, Henry confides that he witnessed something out at some abandoned place called Everwood.

Before he can explain, the Bad Twin shows up. (You know it’s him because his suit is all rumpled.) Henry dives behind the bar. Bad Twin orders a drink, spinning a silver dollar on the bar. Then he asks for a piña colada, but Duke says the blender’s broken. Bad Twin asks Duke if he’s seen Henry. Duke lies and Bad Twin refuses to say why he’s looking for Henry.

Under the pretense of looking for a blender, Duke ducks down and tells Henry to get ready to run. Bad Twin says he doesn’t like liars or cowards. Duke asks him to leave. He tells Henry he’ll be waiting outside. Duke grabs Bad Twin and pulls a gun on him. They have a shootout, in which Bad Twin is hit in the shoulder, and Henry runs out the back door. He speeds off on a motorcycle and Bad Twin drives after him.

Audrey shows up to question Duke, as Evi hangs around in the background, blatantly eavesdropping. Duke has provided the perp’s license plate number, and tells her to look for a wounded man in a suit who likes to spin a coin. Audrey senses Duke’s not telling her everything. Nathan arrives with the info that the plates are registered to a Cornell Stamoran, VP of Maine Associated Bank. Audrey and Nathan head out to find Cornell, Nathan complaining about the headache of editing the Troubles out of their official reports. (Evi is still totally listening in.) After the cops leave, Duke heads out with a couple of guns to take care of things his way.

On the way to Cornell’s house, we learn that Audrey and Chris have been keeping in contact. The Cornell that Audrey and Nathan encounter is unarmed and uninjured. They ask if he let anyone drive his car, just as said car pulls up ““ and quickly speeds away. Audrey and Nathan pursue the car all the way out to Everwood, an abandoned half-constructed resort. When they arrive they find Duke, also gunning for Bad Twin. Audrey eventually kills him with a shot to the chest. They wonder if the dead man, who looks like Cornell (aside from the gunshot wounds), was his twin. Duke checks him for a tattoo but doesn’t find one.

They hear a weird noise, and turn to see a copy of the dead man (or rather, a copy of Cornell), running into the building. Duke follows him, intent on protecting Henry, and Audrey and Nathan follow him, wondering who the hell Henry is.

Duke tells them about Henry and how Cornell showed up looking for him. Duke wants the cops to call for backup but Nathan doesn’t want any witnesses. Duke points out that everybody in Haven knows about the Troubles, but Nathan doesn’t want to give the Rev anything else to use against him. They hear a noise and track it to where Henry’s been crashing. Duke, who was also on his own as a teen, quickly finds Henry’s hiding place. After Duke vouches for his friends, Henry tells them he saw Cornell argue with another man and kill him. Cornell realized Henry was a witness and has been coming after him.

Cornell finds the group and starts shooting. They run, and Audrey and Nathan get separated from Duke and Henry. Audrey and Nathan run into a man claiming to be Original Cornell (OC). He shows them where he’s stacked the copies’ bodies in a corner, which seems like a crappy long-term plan. Cornell says the copies (who seem to have all his memories) just showed up one day and won’t stop coming, intent on killing “someone named Henry.” He agrees with Nathan that Henry must have witnessed his murder of the first copy, and claims now he’s just trying to protect Henry.

Nathan and Audrey split up for no reason, Nathan heading upstairs to get a cell signal while Audrey stays with Cornell. He tells Audrey that the copies are the worst part of him.

Elsewhere, Duke and Henry look for an exit. Henry tells Duke that his father didn’t even try to stop him from leaving home. Duke says when he left home, it was the best decision he ever made. Eventually they find an exit, but Henry bolts back into the building and Duke reluctantly goes after him.

While trying to get a signal, Nathan is startled by another man who says he’s OC. He says he only just arrived, due to the fact that he lives ten miles away. I’m assuming Cornell owns two cars, just so I can stop thinking about it. Anyway, Nathan realizes he’s left Audrey with the evil copy.

Once the copy starts spinning a coin, Audrey reaches the same conclusion. She tries to leave, but the copy trips her and takes her gun. (Nathan and OC, meanwhile, have gotten lost.) The copy says he’s not a copy, but “a better version” of the original. Audrey tells him she also has someone else’s memories. She gets him to drop his guard so she can get close enough to disarm him and cuff him to a pipe. He promises to kill her eventually.

At the police station, a selectman shows up, ostensibly to see Nathan. Then he just kind of waltzes into his office, making off with some of his files. Small-town security at its finest.

Out at Everwood, Duke catches up with Henry. Turns out he went back for his father’s Purple Heart he received in Iraq, which was supposed to protect Henry out on the road. He admits that his father couldn’t, rather than didn’t, stop him from leaving. Audrey runs across Duke and Henry. She’s able to call Nathan and give him an update. They make plans to meet up in the building’s atrium. The copy, still handcuffed, resorts to impaling himself on a piece of metal so he can regenerate elsewhere.

On their way to the atrium, Nathan finds a new dead body (not one of the copies) stashed inside a wall. OC claims not to know who the man is. When Nathan turns his back, OC beans him with a brick. Then the copy shows up and mocks OC for not being able to take care of business. It comes out that OC killed the man in the wall, Neil, when he found out Cornell was embezzling money from the bank. That was the murder Henry witnessed. The copy challenges OC to kill Nathan, and offers him a brick. OC is about to finish the job, when Nathan’s phone rings. Duke and Audrey start shooting at the Cornells from their position upstairs. They exchange gunfire until Duke and Audrey run out of ammo. Audrey tells Duke to get Henry to safety, and approaches the Cornells with her hands up. She tells the copy he has a chance to do the right thing, and make a memory of his own rather than covering up and paying for OC’s crimes. He kills OC, and tosses his coin (pilfered from a childhood friend) to Audrey before fading away.

Nathan visits the selectman who was sneaking around his office. The man shows Nathan the falsified reports he stole. Nathan realizes he’s allied himself with the Rev. The selectman tells Nathan he’s out as Interim Chief, and suggests he leave town as “things are going to get a little rough for your kind.” Nathan says he won’t be going anywhere.

At the Gull, Duke reunites Henry with his dad. The kid is annoyed Duke went behind his back, but it looks like things are going to be okay for him. Aw, Duke really is a good dude. Inside, a good and drunk Nathan embarrasses himself on the dance floor. Duke borrows Evi’s phone from her bag to take a picture. As he goes to put the phone back, a text comes in from the Rev: “Thanks for the files info. I took care of the rest.” Ooh.

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