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Start of a New Season

Of Japanese anime! I love anime as my review of Gundam Unicorn shows (review of episodes 2-3 should come soon). To be specific, I like certain types of anime, especially drama, action, mecha, and adventures. I’m not a fan of “under-10,” the “for-girls-only” (aka yaoi), or “I love fanservice” categories.  Slice-of-life shows tend to bore me as well. Unfortunately, the last few years have been mostly dedicated to these or simply composed of shows with crappy animations and stories. That’s why, for me, the last good year for anime was 2007.

Now comes fall 2011. Oh My God. What happened?!!? Like some random comments seen on the Web: Are they trolling us? I expected a really dry anime season after the earthquake in Japan (and the recent typhoon), but I was wrong. Action, mecha, good animation, and interesting story setups are all back (with a good dose of shows-I-totally-don’t-care-about, mind you).  This includes long-awaited sequels and new stories set in known anime worlds. We are getting a new Gundam show, a new Last Exile series and two novel adaptions that have the otaku raving all through the Web (Fate/Zero and Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon).

Now of course, like all things, just because the show looks good doesn’t mean it will be. So, there are a few shows I’ve selected that I will follow as the new season starts:

Warning: The official websites are in Japanese, but it’s easy to navigate (most use English menus). PV means preview video.

Fate/Zero: Saber>3. Fate/Zero is the prequel to a video that also got an animated version a few years back: Fate Stay/Night. It’s a new studio that took up the mantel of this version, and the previews show splendid animation and voice actors and seem to follow the novel’s plot. A pitfall of some anime studios is that they don’t like following the original material and create crap to fill in the holes. I have high hopes for this one.

Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing: Steampunk, airplanes, skyships, pirates, female leads, GONZO. Oh yeah! People in Melbourne already got to see the first episode. I’m jealous. I loved the Last Exile and Fam, the Silver Wing just looks amazing.

Guilty Crown: I didn’t think much of this until I saw the previews. I don’t like the female lead– singers in revealing clothing aren’t really my thing– but the show’s premise seems interesting: a group rebels against an evil government.

Gundam AGE: A new Gundam that everybody is already hating. First, because the character design is really childish (I don’t like it either) and second, because Sunrise already announced that they will be animating Mobile Suit Gundam: The Original (basically a remake of the original “˜78 show).

Persona 4: A game-based anime. I liked the animated Persona 3, so I’m going to watch this one (or at least try).

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon: This might be awesome or totally into the fanservice category. It’s done by Sunrise Studio 8, which has produced amazing shows and male fanservice-fests. It also has a really strange setting of students being the only people who can fight in wars and some weird physics temporal thingy.

More info can be found on the forum Animesuki.  And while I wait for October, I’m going to watch the Nyanpyre episodes again.

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Yaaay anime on Persephone!  I’ve been watching Mawaru Penguindrum and Season 2 of Kaiji.  Kaiji is as fantastic as the first season.  It is full of drama and gambling and dudes weeping openly.  It is amazing.

I’m less thrilled with Mawaru Penguindrum.  It’s certainly a well made show, but it’s yet another example of anime not taking serious issues as seriously as I wish they would.  Somehow I keep going back to it, though.  I’m not entirely sure why.

For the next season, I’m looking forward to the Persona 4 anime since I loved the game so much.  I’ve been disappointed by game-to-anime adaptations before, though (looking at you, Xenosaga) so I’m trying to keep my expectations under control.

Chihayafuru looks interesting, and sounds a bit Kaiji-like, though perhaps not.  The thumbnail art certainly has a nice look to it.

Last Exile is an instant watch.  I loved the first series, although I’ve forgotten a lot about it.

I wish there were more josei/seinen shows getting produced, like Kaiji, Akagi, Nana or Mononoke.  It’s frustrating to me, more and more as I get older, how every show EVER is about high schoolers high schoolers high schoolers oh my god high schoolers.  I get that the target demographic for anime tends to be teenagers or younger, but yikes, you guys.  Variety is good!  I’m definitely with you about anime having been too samey and boring lately.

If you want to re-watch the first season of Last Exile, FUNination have it for viewing on their website for free. They actually have all the animés they licensed (well I think it’s all of them) for viewing. Not sure if there is a limit, I found out about it today. Link:

About Chi­haya­furu => It’s made by Madhouse, I’m still angry at them for how they ended Claymore. ;)

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