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Recap: The Vampire Diaries, Episode 3.2, “Hybrid”

It’s that time of the week again, where we indulge in our latest romangsty vampire show! What shenanigans has our latest installment of TVD brought us? If you’ll recall, previously on The Vampiaries, QoB told us all about the latest drama in Mystic Falls: Stefan is a sad ripper, Klaus is making hybrids, and Mrs. Mayor Lockwood threw the lockdown on Caroline, amongst other things. Plus Damon was delightfully naked.

Damon is at home, burning his research on his brother, when Elena shows up to find out why he’s been ignoring her. See, he’s been busy, what with his “dead fake girlfriend and all” and really, after all that Stefan’s done, he’s gone (and not in the geographical sense) so give up. Elena argues that Stefan still has some humanity left (why else would he call her on her birthday? Though if Stefan was Angelus he’d just call to be a dick and leave a box of roses or something), but Damon won’t help. So Elena visits Alaric, who finally almost, after two seasons with weird hair, has somewhat less weird hair (remember when he made a comment about admiring Elijah’s hair? Was that some weird meta-hair reference or what?), though it still is pretty weird hair. He tends to agree with Damon of course but reveals that Stefan and Klaus (Staus? Klefan? Klefanaus?) have been tracking werewolves.

Meanwhile Klefanaus are wandering in the woods in Tennessee and bickering like an about-to-be-divorced married couple. The barbs are pretty vicious, or would be if they were falling out of love, which I bet is the case in many a slashfic. Stefan has Ray slumped across his back when they find Ray’s clearly freaked pack – happily Klaus’ gruesome reputation precedes him.

Finally, we get to the story we all really care about, Tyler and Caroline. Caroline is still M.I.A. (and guaranteed alive for two reasons: one, she’s awesome on the show and two, the writers would never waste a dramatic moment like killing a main character off screen). Mrs. Mayor Lockwood slips Tyler some vervain to test whether or not he’s been turned. Fewf. Normal. No monsters here. Oh mothers, so naive about what their teenage sons are really up to! So Mrs. Mayor Lockwood calls up her old friend Bill (not that Bill) and asks for help with the vampire sitch.

Oh hai Jeremy. Fancy seeing you here.

Back at the Mystic Grill (Can we just talk about this name for a moment? The Mystic Grill? Really?), a briefly shirtless Matt and Jeremy are bromancing and talking about Jeremy’s visions of Vicki. He wants Matt to help him contact her, which kind of gives Matt the wiggins, but he agrees to try for Vicki’s sake. Tyler and Elena both also happen to be at the Grill where Tyler tells Elena about how werewolves like to get all wolfy out in the woods so they can really enjoy their wolfiness. Inevitably Elena learns about a wolf party in Tennessee, because that’s how plot works. In terms of writing, this was probably the weakest point in the episode because regardless of whether or not Tyler biting Damon put Stefan in the situation he’s in, I’m pretty sure werewolf code would prevent Tyler from sharing, or maybe even knowing that information. He hasn’t even been a werewolf for that long. [pullquote]Tyler: Was it that bad?[/pullquote] Anyway, Caroline is still a no-show, which maybe just makes Tyler feel insecure more than concerned for her safety.

Knowing what she conveniently now knows, Elena runs off to tell a day-time drinking Alaric and force him to help her find Stefan in the woods. Where a wolf pack is. On a full moon. Brilliant.

Speaking of wolf pack, we return just in time to see Ray wake up as he begins to transition into a vampire. He needs blood and gets it from a lonely human that came along for the wolf party (also a plot hole, but we’ll let it slide).

Rabid, frothy blood mouthed Klaus staring into camera.
Hybridity is the funnest!

Klaus gets all super badass bad guy on everyone, going on about the new order, and join us or die, at which point he starts forcing people to drink his blood. It’s not very nice, and kind of seals him as one of the best bad guys currently on TV.

Tyler finally realizes that his mom vervained him that morning when Matt vervains Tyler’s coffee at the Grill. Suddenly Tyler is deeply suspicious of his mother, who must know about vampires, and what about Caroline? Oh shit. Back at home, Mrs. Mayor Lockwood is chatting with Bill who has arrived in much the same way that Uncle John showed up in season one, with mystery and arrogance, and though she has her doubts, Bill will take care of it.

Off in the soon-to-be-overrun-by-werewolves mountains, Elena and Alaric are having a heart to heart while they search for Stefan. Elena gives Alaric her family’s special ring after she sort of convinces him that he’s not a lost cause. So now he will be just a drunk Alaric, not a dead Alaric. Then Damon shows up to throw a conniption fit at Elena’s stupidity. I tend to side with Damon on this one. Elena’s relentless masochistic tendency towards self-sacrifice is already a little grating. In season two, I got it, she was saving her friends from Klaus. Now it’s practically a death wish. She and Damon end up sopping wet in a pond, (because that’s sexy and romantic), almost talking about their feelings and that little kissing incident, but instead agree to look for Stefan until the moon rises.

Now a more pressing matter, what’s going on with Stefanaus? Well, Ray’s had his serving of human blood but something isn’t working quite right. His eyes start bleeding. It’s all kinds of True Bloody, but with less angst and more terror. Turns out Klaus wants to build an army of soldiers, not because there’s a war or anything, but just so he has all the power. Regular megalomaniac this guy. But then Ray freaks the fuck out. He bites Stefan and runs away, and of course, the only way Klaus will heal Stefan is if he catches Ray. Okay. But then, while pursuing Ray, Stefan realizes Damon, Elena and Alaric are near. Obviously, Klaus can’t find out. However, before Stefan can find Ray, Ray finds Stefan’s would-be rescuers. Ray tries to attack Damon but they manage to subdue him and chain him to a tree before he has any success.

Transitioning hybrid Ray is turning into a werewolf while chained to a tree.
Ray has a problem with premature transformation.

It’s not yet dark but Ray is already turning so the crew decides to bail on the rescue plan before shit gets really hairy. (See what I did there?)

Back in Mystic Falls, Tyler confronts his mom about the vervain. She calls Caroline a monster and it’s then that Tyler realizes both that his mother did something to Caroline and that she doesn’t know about the Lockwood curse. Good thing it’s a full moon so he can show her.

Since Jeremy has convinced Matt that they should be together forever to help him contact Vicki, they are going through some of Vicki’s old stuff. Matt has second thoughts and asks Jeremy to leave and Jeremy, also being cut of the Nice Guy fabric, politely acquiesces. But then some ghosty stuff happens that gives Matt second second thoughts (third thoughts?).

With time running short in the woods, Damon, Elena and Alaric are fleeing for their lives. Of course, Elena happens to trip and a werewolf happens to be staring her in the face. Damon leads the werewolf off but they come to a bit of an impasse. So Stefan shows up and rips the werewolf’s (who happens to be Ray) heart out. Stefan is pissed because everyone is out there looking for him. You’d thinking killing Andi, Damon’s fake girlfriend, was hint enough. But noooo. Damon tells Stefan that Elena will never give up. Heart of gold that girl. But here’s the problem, Stefan is never coming back. Ahh, deferred closure, will you never cease satisfying with unsatisfaction?

Finally, after Elena and Alaric have another heart to heart in the car, Damon shows up so they can all leave. Stefan watches from the shadows. And Elena maybe sees him. Or maybe not.

Since Matt has had third thoughts, he takes beer to Jeremy’s place to see if they can sort through the ghost business with his sister. They both have forgotten stuff about Vicki, and they are both sad. But then Vicki shows up. Only Jeremy can see her and she asks that he help her come back; some poltergeist business follows and Anna shows up to warn Jeremy about Vicki. She’s not to be trusted. Matt knows something is wrong, but since he doesn’t see dead people (or vampires as it may be), he’s still in the dark.

Dying from his werewolf bite, Stefan returns to Klaus with Ray’s heart in his hands. All the other hybrids are dead – Klaus is seriously flipping his wig. Here’s a guy who’s used to getting his way and even though he did everything he was told (by whom?)- kill a vampire, kill a werewolf, kill the Doppelgänger – the hybrids don’t survive! Wait a second, did you say kill the Doppelgänger? If Stefan didn’t look so deathly ill you’d think he was terrified for a moment there. Though Klaus is frustrated, he gives Stefan his blood so he won’t die.

“It appears you’re the only comrade I have left.”

Stefan drinking Klaus' blood from a beer bottle
I'll drink to that.

It’s probably too erotic for Stefan to drink it directly from him, and as much as these two revel in the homosocial, Klaus pours the blood into a beer bottle first.

In his best imitation of Edward Cullen, Damon is lurking in Elena’s room waiting for her to come to bed. “Seriously?” she asks him. But it’s not like that. Damon tells her she was right, Stefan can be saved because even in his darkest place, Stefan still can’t let Damon die. He then proceeds to demand to know why she insisted they leave before finding Stefan. Well, truth be told, she was worried about Damon. Of course, Damon knew this, but just thought she needed to say it and because, as he says, “When I drag my brother back from the edge I want you to remember the things you felt when he was gone.” Then they almost kiss, and Alaric, who appears to be moving back in with the Gilberts is all, “Damon and Elena, sitting in a tree…”. Well not quite, but he’s not stupid either.

At last we get back to Tyler and his mom. Now that she knows he’s a werewolf she understands that things are more complicated than she had anticipated. She promises she’ll sort out the situation with Caroline. Unfortunately, Bill has other ideas. His family has been in the hunting game for 150 years (think he knows the Winchesters?) and he’s no quitter. The last, and maybe best scene, is of Caroline chained to a chair inside what might be something like an oubliette. I really like the symmetry of this scene with the opening scene, which if you recall, was of Damon burning papers. Maybe Bill plans to kill her like the Paris Vampires killed Claudia and Madeleine in Interview with the Vampire. Someone approaches the door and Caroline calls out for help:

“Hello Caroline.”


My prediction is that Daddy is going to torture Caroline into revealing her maker and the rest of ’em while he prats around town in hated Uncle John fashion. First act needs a minor bad guy and I think Bill will fit the role nicely. Eventually we’ll see the rise of the Originals – who else could stop Stefanaus?

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Ok, I’ve let my eyes carefully unfocus down the recap so I can just leave a note to say while I won’t be reading your recapps, it’s totally because you guys have convinced me to watch the show. I have some catching up to do before I can join you in season 3. (Who would have thought I wouldn’t have been already watching a show called Vampire Diaries?)

Yay! And then come back and read these because they are amazing! Not that I’m tooting my own horn or anything. That said, there’s something like five vampire pop-culture references in this recap and one of them might just be the use of the word ‘wiggins’. How can you of all people not appreciate that? Oh, and once you start watching, be warned, you’ll want to drop everything and watch until your eyes fall out, especially season two.

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