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This Open Thread Is Falling On Its Face

From what I can tell, it seems like pretty much everyone is in need of a good laugh this week. Really, that’s probably true about every week. But you know what cheers me up? Watching people fall down. Specifically, people in costume. Today’s OT video is my favorite thing that has ever existed on the Internet. I’ve been known to watch it at least ten times in a row.

In fact, I think I will watch it ten times in a row RIGHT NOW.  And I will be cackling through each viewing.

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Flood day! My whole town is shut down right now. It’s kind of crazy. I am very much at the top of a hill, so we don’t have any flooding right now where I am, but… the pictures are absolutely mind-boggling. I am so thankful that I wasn’t hit… I have a bunch of friends who have lost everything in their basements.

It’s crazy. When we were hit with Irene last week, it was like “Pshaw, we get flooding all the time, this is nothing,” which was true. A few people I know had an inch of water or so in their basements. Currently, one of my friends’ basements (in which she had stored all of her books in prep for moving) is completely submerged.

So my 92 year old grandma died last week. Her service was lovely and all the family we never get to see unless someone dies came to town. We always yap about how we should see each other under better circumstances. It got me thinking, yeah, why not?

So, has anyone ever planned a huge family reunion before? If alllll of us got together, there would probably be 50 or so of us. I’m thinking the soonest this could happen would be next summer or fall. Any one have any advice on this kind of undertaking?

I haven’t, but my mom has.

Make sure that housing arrangements are clear (who is staying where). Try to schedule away from holidays or school things, since most people will already have plans and then either feel like a jerk for canceling them or feel like a jerk for not canceling them.

In any activity where people are pitching in money, make everything clear up front how much you’re asking for (like if you decide to have a picnic and have hamburgers or hot dogs or something) or what people are expected to bring. Don’t be like my friend’s brother who, after my friend brought $50 worth of beer/soda to an event, was all “So, food was $100, and we’re splitting that among all 3 of us siblings, so your share is $35.”

Re: Lisa’s comments about food, a few years back we started having our annual summer family picnic catered. Everyone chips in $11/person (my aunt serves as the point person who collects it all), and the major stuff is brought in already cooked by a caterer (burgers, buns, sausages, salad, etc). Then everyone brings a dessert or appetizer/snack to share and their own drinks. That way you’re only in it for $11 each, plus whatever you want to spend on the other stuff. I can go all out making a fancy dessert, and my brother can bring a couple of bags of chips. Etc. It has worked out well.

Personally, if it’s going to be on a weekend, I’d have an “events list” made ahead of time (things like “Outing to local kids’ museum to let them blow off steam” and “Family picnic, 6:00 Saturday at this location. $11 each to cover catering; Suzie is collecting.”)

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