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We All Float in the Weekend Open Thread

Congrats, we all made it through another week! ┬áHere’s an open thread to keep yourselves busy until we’re back on Monday, with another week full of delicious wordy fun. ┬áSee you then!

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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This weekend I spent a final day with my boyfriend before he left to work in another country (sadface), but on the plus side, I got to watch Ireland kick Italy’s cheating ass in the Rugby World Cup and am going to a play this afternoon.

Any tips for dealing with long-distance, send ’em my way. I have Skype and distractions lined up.

Good news on the sick-dog front! We have an appointment with a specialist for Tuesday. Mom is helping with the finances on that, since she is smitten with her granddog. At this point, it’s clear that she needs to go to a specialist, and I am fortunate to live an hour from one of the best animal hospitals in the country.

Annie has spent most of the day curled up on the couch… when I took her out, she did her business and immediately turned around for the door so she could get back to the couch (for those of you who have terriers… this is not normal. Usually she is pestering me to go on a long walk.). But I have enough painkillers to last her until we get to the Vet, so at least she won’t be in pain.

I am combating what I *think* is the early stages of a bladder infection. Thus far, I have been drinking unsweetened, undiluted cranberry juice like it’s going out of style. Tomorrow I am going to a farmer’s market (St. Jacob’s for any of you ontario folk) where I hope to find more unsweetened, undiluted cranberry juice.

From experience: cranberry juice is useless. As are cranberry pills, etc. Get to a drugstore and get some Azo/Uristat pills. They’ll turn your pee fluorescent orange, but wil bring sweet relief. And drink ten million gallons of water. You really should go to the doctor, too. Coco wrote a great piece on UTIs a little while ago that may be helpful.

FWIW (and to contradict some other answers, sorry!) cranberry concentrate pills work for me to treat cystitis/UTIs. Those, lots of water, and nothing else to drink at all. Should be gone in 12 hours. If you notice blood in the urine, or a fever, or back pain, though, you will probably need antibiotics and should get a doctor to do a urine test. Hope it clears up soon!

This might not work for everyone, but I can usually get rid of mine by drinking so. much. water. More than I think is possible. Drinking every time I walk past a tap in my house. Having drinking competitions with myself. Winning. Also works for my hayfever and cat allergies. I blame my dad for convincing me as a child that water could cure all ailments ever.

Thank you for the amazing advice!!! I am seeing the dr. tomorrow, annd I have been drinking like a crazy woman and taking cranberry pills. The water and the cranberry seems to be helping the symptoms, but I don’t want to mess around with it too much… I wound up with a kidney infection about 4 years ago (because I didn’t know you need to pee after sex) and it was pretty terrible.

I was so pumped to be productive today, on my second of two days off! Instead I slept late (again), hung out with my sister and my dad, watched My Little Pony on Youtube and caught up on FIVE HOURS of TV ugghhh. Now at least I’m at volunteering, so check one for me today.

Someone make me study for my two huge exams next week!

I should be going to the store and getting fabric for my Halloween costume. Instead, I’m sitting on my butt, debating if I have enough energy to watch something on TV or if I should just suck it up and take a nap (Thanks, dog who decided that 6 hours of sleep a night was totally enough!)

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