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We Try It: Silicone Pasties

(Fair warning: this is a euphemism-free post.) Hi, I’m Millie, and I have pointy nipples. I am unperturbed by this, but I’d rather not have people ogling and/or being judgey about my bosom, character, or general self, or having said pointy nipples threaten to poke out someone’s eye.

So, when I last went bra shopping, I found some sticky silicone pasties (though they’re more delicately named “breast petals” which is just weird — there is nothing botanical about these things) to try out, and I am pleasantly astonished by their performance. The ones I got are made by Fashion Forms, and I got them because that was the only brand on the shelf; I’ve seen other brands on the Internet, and I’m not sure how these compare to other brands.

Two pale peach coloured silicone pasties on a purple background.They stick very well, even when I got sweaty and it was hot out, but peel off very easily without leaving a residue. They don’t pull or irritate my skin, and I quickly forget I’m wearing them — I forgot I was wearing them one day and accidentally slept in them. They do actually cover up my nipples so they aren’t visible in even clingy knits with no bra, which is good (since that’s sort of the point of the things). They do alter the shape of my bosom slightly, but that’s a given since there’s no one-size-fit-all when it comes to breasts, and it’s not noticeable under most clothing (and wearing them under a bra fixes this).

Two breasts in a clingy teal tanktop, one with a pastie underneath and the other without.
Guess which is which! This is the clingiest tank top I have, and this is without a bra. With a bra the outline of the pastie vanishes, and in most tops it's not visible in the first place.

There are two main downsides to the ones I got: because there’s an adhesive on them, they claim to be useful for only 25 wears or so. I’ve not hit that limit yet, but I’ve washed them with face wash (i.e., mild detergent) eight or nine times, and the adhesive is starting to go a little bit. It’s no issue if I’m wearing them under a bra, but I’m a bit worried about wearing them without one now, because stooping to pick up your silicone pastie off the sidewalk after it fell out of your shirt sounds a touch embarrassing. Plus knowing me I wouldn’t realize it under I was several blocks away, and then would fret about littering and what if a squirrel tried to eat it? And I couldn’t go back to pick it up, because then I’d be the lady who picks up random silicone pasties off the sidewalk. So, it’s under a bra only from now on, though they still feel secure and I’m probably overthinking the whole thing. I suspect the “25 washes” limit is about right.

Secondly, they look ludicrous when it’s all you’re wearing. To test out their staying power, I spent an afternoon at home going about my business topless, so that there was nothing else securing them to my person. A. was over, which naturally lead to much hamming around on my part and dramatic headscratches on his. (A: “Why are you wearing those?” M:”There’s testing to be done! Also to baffle you.” A: *sighs resignedly*.) Be prepared for a quizzical eyebrow should you disrobe in the presence of company while wearing these.

That said, these things are great, and I both recommend them and would use them again. They do what they say they will on the box, were a bit pricey but not outrageously so (I think they were ~$15?), and I suspect that their lifetime could be extended by washing them every other wear or so. There are other varieties of these out there, but I’m not sure how interchangeable different brands are. I know there’s at least one brand that doesn’t have an adhesive and so lasts indefinitely (I’m not sure how they stay on), but their shipping to the Great While North was exorbitant; I suspect they may behave differently than these. And of course, everyone’s skin’s different, so while I had no issues at all with the adhesive, your mileage may vary. But I highly recommend these for those of us with pointy nipples who don’t always want to advertise that to the world at large.

By Millie

Millie is a perpetual grad student, an internationally recognized curmudgeon, and an occasional hugger of trees. She also makes a mean batch of couscous.

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I’ll be honest, I saw “pasties” and thought “mmm, Cornish pasties”. Clearly I just skipped over the “silicone” part.

I’ll never have call to wear them as bras are a must for any public appearances for me. But I was wondering, instead of washing them, could you e.g.: wipe them with a makeup wipe? It might make the stickiness last longer.

Hah!  When I was proofreading it I kept reading it as “pastry,” even though I knew the post had nothing to do with baked goods.  I think I just needed a snack :)

I’d not thought of the make-up wipes, and I don’t have any to try it out on, but I see no reason why that wouldn’t work.  I’m not sure what effect it would have on the adhesive, but less water involved might help.

It was a while ago, but they look exactly like the picture you posted and were called “petals.” I bought them at Frederick’s.

I was super bummed, because I was in a LARP where the room was intentionally kept cold, and my character wasn’t supposed to be able to feel it.

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