What’s Your Sign?

I should tell you that I’m a Virgo.

I’m a Virgo with a Scorpio Ascendant, my moon is in Capricorn, and my venus is in Libra.

What does it all mean? Well, if you’re one of those people that isn’t into astrology, or think it’s a bunch of hokum, it doesn’t mean much of anything. To me, it means that I’m a meticulous and sensitive person, one who is deeply feeling but slow to show outward emotion or affection, who is infinitely creative and marches to the tune of her own drummer, but is also prone to bouts of depression and sadness. In love, I am loyal and generous, but not especially forthcoming with flowery, affectionate sentiments. I show love through actions far more than words.

I admit it. I take it with a boulder of salt, but I do truly enjoy astrology, numerology, the study of earth signs and other forms of personality-predicting. Normally in life I’m a pretty big cynic and skeptic (hello, Virgo), but in this area, I derive a lot of interest and joy. I enjoy figuring out natal charts of people I love, adding up the number value of letters to find out the secrets within, and learning what colors, foods and music are best suited for my personality (and all based on the letters in my name and my birth date). I’ve gotten pretty good at guessing the sun signs of people I’ve just met, and I’ve recently started playing at guessing their ascendants, too. I suppose I’m just a few steps away from becoming one of those mysterious big-haired ladies reading tarot cards at the carnival, but I don’t care. I enjoy it.

I’ve often wondered if my love of astrology and other “new age” interests (for lack of a better term) have anything to do with my synesthesia. My senses are morphed together, and I experience the world differently than most others. Much of my life feels spiritual and cosmic, so it makes sense to me that I would choose to see the world as a Cosmic Thing (to quote the B-52’s).

The first time I did my own natal chart, I figured it would be a bunch of vague clichés, like some Confucius-Say, silly fortune cookie predictions. I was shocked when I ended up with over twenty pages of incredibly detailed, spot-on descriptions of, well, ME. My natal chart revealed that I come off as aloof and intimidating to strangers, when in fact I’m incredibly shy and insecure (that is so me it should be on my headstone). I didn’t need a natal chart to tell me that I constantly measure my success by what other people think of me, my work and my life ““ it’s at times both a fault and an attribute of mine.

If you’re interested in trying out your own natal chart, but don’t have the time to pour over books or do complicated math, you can do one here.

Probably the most shocking thing I discovered while reading my natal chart was that Virgos with Scorpio Ascendants and Capricorn Moons may “shake off everything they know to suddenly move across the world and take up with a mysterious stranger.” When I was 19, I shocked my family and friends by purchasing a ticket to New Zealand and moving there on less than a month’s notice. I lived there for 3 ½ years, then as abruptly as I’d left, I came back. You can imagine how giddy I was when I read that astrology may have been the culprit for my unexpected flight of fancy.

I’ve recently been reading about the addition of a 13th sign – Ophiuchus (Nov. 29 – Dec. 17), which astrologers have known about for centuries but for some reason is only now getting attention. I don’t know much about this sign or how it will affect those of us who put stock in our sun signs, but it’s definitely thought-provoking.

In addition to astrology, I’ve dabbled a bit in a couple of different types of numerology. According to Linda Goodman’s Star Signs (one of my favorite kooky books), you can determine your number by simply looking at the day you were born. In simple numerology, I’m a number 8. Eight people are more likely to suffer from diseases of the blood, headaches, and are advised to avoid meat of all kinds. Doesn’t sound all that interesting, but my heart began to race when I read it, because not only am I a vegetarian who suffers from migraines, but I had an extremely rare blood disorder when I was 17 and nearly died. It took 8 blood transfusions to save my life (yep, 8). Heebie jeebies, anyone?

Do you put any stock into astrology, numerology, earth signs, or others? What’s your sign? Your number? Does it fit you?

By Teri Drake-Floyd

An almost 30-something synestheste, foodie, genealogist and all around proud geek.

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I’m so glad you posted this. I used to be really obsessively into astrology. I was in the process of figuring out what I believe in religiously and somehow made the shift from being a doubting Catholic to being way too into astrology for my own good. I think it can be enlightening and a fun way to learn things about yourself by putting them into a different context, but I don’t put much faith into the “science” of it. I’m pretty much a text book Capricorn though. (Earth signs what up?)

My mum was always into astrology so I kind of picked it up from her. I don’t really believe in it myself, not least because one can always find depictions of oneself in anything (‘X sign is loyal and nice? OMG, I’m loyal and nice!’).

However, every time I come across a description it does strike me that I’m basically a textbook Leo, both good and bad (with a Leo ascendant too, according to that chart thing, which was some excellent procrastination btw). There’s even a bit in the description about how Leos can be incredibly self-critical, but that’s actually just the flip side of a massively inflated sense of self-importance, because sliding into vicious self-criticism for even the tiniest failure does rather suggest one thinks that one is entirely capable of perfection and ought to be performing at that level. Ahem.

I’m a Sagitarius, and I just did my natal chart. I have a Libra Ascendant with my Moon in Aries and my Venus in Scorpio. The general characteristics of a Sagittarius do describe me, but when it started talking about my conjunction suns it reeeeaaallly described me.

The Moon in Aries is only half right, I think. I do take things personally, and I do tend to be the kind of person who wants to deal with stuff NOW, but it also says I am quick to forget what has upset me which I definitely am not (I am pretty much the ultimate grudge holder).

Venus in Scorpio is pretty descriptive of me. Very loyal and commited, and demanding proof of a partner’s loyalty and commitment to me.

My ascendant in Libra apparently makes me approachable and generally well-liked, which seems basically true in my life. It says I will likely have a string of failed relationships, which doesn’t describe me at all. It says I try to appear really “nice”, which is true of how I used to be, before I stopped giving all the fucks. Apparently I will also try to win everyone over all the time (Yes. Yes I will. *Flashes winning smile*)

Overall I’d say that about 3/4 of stuff said described me. A good chunk of it would probably describe anyone, though. I think it’s cool anyway. You can look at attributes, decide if they apply to you, and decide if there are any you’d like to work on (like maybe some grudge-holding and jealousness.)

I’m a Virgo, and recently I looked up my natal chart after reading about them. It was pretty darn accurate, and I got kinda freaked out. Of course, I promptly had to look up my sisters and my parents to check theirs out; they were fairly close, but mine was almost 100% right on.

*sadness at expressing facts which might increase tension in the conversation*

There’s no reason, past cognitive biases, to think astrology or numerology relate to our lives in any meaningful sense. The only reason I would use something like Tarot (I do have my own Tarot Deck) is as an aid to meditation or thinking about difficult personal problems: People get stuck in ruts, so having random number generators like decks of cards can help shake up thoughts to help you find novel solutions. But believing something magic knows me better than I know myself? I can’t buy it.

This is how I feel about astrology/numerology/Tarot etc too. I got really into that sort of stuff at a time when I was desperate to figure somethings out about myself, and it helped me on a path to self discovery. But like I said, I don’t put much faith in it anymore.

I really enjoy astrology, and I’m definitely a Cancer – I used to think that the only thing that wasn’t Cancer-y about me was the “nurturing / family-focused” part, but I realized that I’m very nurturing when it comes to friends and caring for them and that I do highly value my family, just not in a having-kids way; and pretty much everything else about the description is right on. I don’t know any details about my chart, but now I’m going to go look at the link you posted!

I’m a Virgo, but I don’t know any of the ascendings or anything like that. I am pretty much 100% Virgo except I often like to be the center of attention. Basically if I am in a large group I either want to be the center of attention, or not there at all. I have a horoscope app on my phone that has been eerily accurate and I’m kind of getting obsessed with it. I may be using it to make major life decisions. May.

I don’t usually put any real stock into astrology, although I sometimes think it’s entertaining to see how wrong/right they end up being. Because I’m a Libra, I find that they nearly always ascribe a much more social character than I personally have. I am fiercely loyal but have few close relationships, and being in groups is exhausting to me. I’m pretty much the opposite of the social butterfly that the charts (even that extensive star chart you linked) seem to assume I will be. I can be charming and chatty in groups when I have to – and it comes up a lot with my area of work – but when I come home, I’m totally drained by it.

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