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Ask the Editors: Cheap, Easy Halloween Costumes

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Question: Halloween things are this weekend! What are some cheap, easy Halloween costume ideas?

SallySassyPants: I’m probably going as Ron Swanson. I’ll print out a picture of breakfast foods for my desk, draw on a mustache and act in character all day. I also saw an idea, but I saw it on The Hairpin first, but it was to dress up formally and carry around a sign that says “I’m Sorry” and go as a formal apology. I sort of liked that one. A friend of mine had the idea to go as the serious version of a slutty costume, like serious stripper and act like you’re just working your way through school.

Hattie McDoogal: You can go as static cling! Wear sweats or some clothes you don’t care about and safety pin underwear and socks to you. Also easy is going as an alcoholic drink of some kind. Beige or camel-colored pants with a white top = beer. Tan pants/black shirt = black and tan. Beach attire with bedhead = sex on the beach.

Luci Furious: I am going as a ladyblogger: leggings-as-pants, old men’s dress shirt, hair in a messy bun. Also, by this time most drugstores have their Halloween stuff on sale. A couple years ago, I bought a witch hat and some tights with skulls on them at Rite-Aid. It probably totaled less than $5. I wore a black dress with it. Done.

PileofMonkeys: Spy. Black trenchcoat, sunglasses, scarf, and briefcase.

Coco Papy: Yeah, my Ron Swanson (multiple Swansons!) / libertarian costume consists of a mustache and thrifted clothes. One Halloween I was super broke and went to Rite-Aid at the last minute. All they had left were kid costumes, so I bought a pullover giraffe costume for a baby. It came up to my stomach and I looked a fool. Only cost $5 though.

Sally J: I have a friend using a bridesmaid’s dress as a fairy godmother to her daughter’s princess. Saw someone yesterday in a b & w striped turtleneck- not a costume until you add a ski cap, sunglasses and then torn jeans with b & w tights underneath. Super cute jail-breaker!

Sara B: Last year I dug out some old clothes and went as Me From High School.

Michelle Miller: Find the most hideous bridesmaid dress you’re hiding in your closet and go as a bridesmaid. Alternatively, go pick out your fanciest-fancy formal outfit and dress way the hell up. When someone asks what your costume is, say you’re the 1% or a visiting foreign dignitary from a far-off land. I guess it’s pretty obvious this particular idea is just an excuse to dress up.

Ruby Bruisday: Shitty bridesmaid dress + cigarettes + ripped fishnets + smeary lipstick = Courtney Love.

Any additional costume ideas? Share them in the comments.

By [E] Sally Lawton

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