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Fun Time Open Thread: Tag, You’re It!

I’ve decided to try something new tonight. I’m calling it Trivia Tag. I’ll start you off with a question, and whoever answers it has to post the answer and another question in the comments. Whoever answers that question adds another, and so on. Any topic is fair game. 

Since I’m up to my ears in Halloween preparations, I’m starting with with a costume question.

Can you think of a Halloween costume that starts with the letter “H”?

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Helga Hufflepuff.  You know some of you all are going to be doing it – or want to. :)  Pictures would be fun.

Oh and hey!  My office just went through an upgrade and somehow in all the chaos (my cubemate’s email deactivated! fun!), I can now access Persephone!  Before, it would take HOURS to load the main page.  I could only get to posts by links people put up on Tumblr.  :(

So, yah!

(and look at me use the edit option – sorry, forgot to add a trivia question)

What is Montana’s State Tree? (question courtesy of my Jeopardy desk calendar)

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