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Happy Birthday, Persephone!

Today is our very first birthday! One year ago, Luci Furious, Sally J. and I (and a few days after that, we picked up Sweet Hattie.) ran the very first day of posts, and we managed to pick up the most awesome collection of writers, editors, copyeditors, readers and comment leavers in the whole wide internets.  

I’d like to thank everyone who works both behind and in front of the scenes to make sure this blog runs the way it should.  Like Platy, who keeps me from breaking the back end of the blog and writes us our own scripts. And Slay Belle, who has quietly served as our comment moderator.  And Sally J, who’s in charge of our advertising. And Coco, who runs the Twitters. And Sara B., who runs the Facebooks. I can’t forget Team Copyeditor, including Michelle Miller, xfafafabulous, Sally Sassy Pants and led by the best copyeditor ever, pileofmonkeys. And the hardest-working-does-anything-I-throw-at-her intern, Ruby Bruiseday.

That doesn’t include our brilliant and prolific writer’s squad, who in addition to several people I mentioned above, includes Ailanthus, Teri, BBC, Nicole, Catherine, Jaime, FoodieJen, The Papers are Patient, my very dear old friend Jordan, Millie, Katie, Kym, Courtney, Ipo, MissWorded, Caitlin, Cherri, Lily, FederovNerdling, Delbot, QOB, Weetzie, Kelsium, Golda, Liza, Lauren, Kortney, Sara P., Diane, Emilie, fifth pevensie, gobiasomecoffee, Hello Kitty, Alice, Anna, Anna H., Monica, Mona, Meghan, Lizy, Lucy, Alyx, Nanna, Ms. Vagina Science (you’ll meet her later on today), SavannahNoëlle, Queenjulie, Inessita, Maggie, Rosa, seekwill, sequined, Sissy, STFUConservatives, tart, Olivia, Tashi & Wash, doomcupcake, brinks, Claire, Devina, greengrey, Emma, Miz Jenkins, alibot, bricorama, Jessica, Joanna, Jen, Kearstyn, Red Light Politics, filmschooled and a handful of anonymous and one-time contributors.

UPDATE!: I forgot some folks, and that’s not cool.  Also big thanks to writers Cinnamon Sunshine, Veruna, Elizabeth, Flop, Natalie, Jill, Kate D, Love, Natasha, Perdita, LadyTudorRose, 14K Gold, SE Smith, Bobella, beaucoupcats, Brickfrog, Cari, Buddha, Fanny, Suzanne, gorlitsa, HidingInCanada, CGMcBG, Nijimei, Sephora and Susan.

And that doesn’t include the early team of interns who help build Persephone in the early days, Bee, Lauren, Laura and la belle amelie. They’re on their way to rule the world.

This abundance of awesomeness includes people from five continents, and collectively, we’ve created 3,500+ pieces of completely original content. The real kicker? Everyone does it for free.

Saving the best for last, there’s all of our readers, cheerleaders and the loyal commenting army. I’m constantly impressed with how smooth our comments run. We’re not the biggest community on the web, but we might be the most awesome.

So in honor of everyone who’s worked so hard to make this a Real Live Thing, from the newbies to the old timers to our friends who’ve moved on, I want to wish you a very, very happy birthday.


By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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I remember when I first got linked here from That Other Blog, I was so impressed that it got put into my Daily Coffee rotation almost immediately. Persephone has broadened my horizons, turned me on to the West Wing (finally, right?) and addressed questions I didn’t even know I had. Y’all are ALL OVER my bookmarks.


Happy Birthday!  Thanks, everybody for putting together a stellar site.

(and sorry I’ve been absent – my computer does not seem to like the new design. but! in the spirit of the occasion, I waited patiently for this to load – and fought with the scroll bar to get to the comment box.  All for you beautiful tuffs of unicorn hair)

Here’s hoping the comment actually posts!

Just wanted to say I love you ladies so much, and thank you all for making this such a fantastic space on the internet.

And I’d like to give a very big and public thank you to Ruby, who totally saved me in the middle of the night last week when I was flipping the hell out over a piece I wrote under my own name. Girlfriend is a lifesaver of the highest degree!

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