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LadyGhosts of TV Past: Battlestar Galactica: Episode 2.04: “Resistance”

Welcome back to Battlestar Galactica! Previously, on Battlestar Galactica, Boomer is a Cylon, and she shot Adama. Hot Hot Helo and Starbuck are on Caprica, and Helo’s been on his own for months. Baltar shot Crashdown on Kobol, likely saving Callie’s life, but we’ll be revising history to say that Crashdown was a hero. Lee Adama is technically under arrest in the brig, except when he’s on duty. Laura Roslin has cancer, and will use her remaining time to bring the people to Earth, and Colonel Tigh has instituted martial law.  This should end well.

We open with a very sweaty Chief Tyrol being interrogated by Colonel Tigh, who wants to know about Boomer’s plans for assassinating Commander Adama. Tigh accuses Tyrol of being a Cylon, Tyrol vehemently denies it, and then is thrown in the brig in the same cell as Boomer. While Boomer is initially happy to see him, the Chief makes it clear that he doesn’t want anything to do with her.

And now, we jump to Cylon-Occupied Caprica, where there are a handful of human-looking people walking around with guns. From their conversation, they’re on the lookout for Cylons, and have been attacking Cylon outposts. They’re keeping an eye on a pair of Cylons, except, no, it’s Starbuck and Helo, who are lost and contemplating a map. Starbuck hears a gun cock, so she and Helo get out the heavy weaponry Starbuck conveniently had in the back of her jeep. They exchange gunfire, and seem to escape.

Back on Galactica, Callie makes an impassioned appeal for Baltar to intercede on Chief Tyrol’s behalf. Baltar refuses, with Head Six whispering things in his ear. Callie brings up the fact that Tyrol covered for Baltar when he shot Crashdown, and Baltar asks if Callie is blackmailing him. Basically, yes she is. Go Callie!

Baltar talks to Tigh, which does not go well. Head Six suggests Baltar does something about the constant disrespect he’s been getting. Gaeta updates Tigh on the fact that civilian protests have broken out over martial law, and a tillium ship has stopped creating fuel, refusing to supply Galactica until they revoke martial law.

Lee, who is still technically under arrest, gets an update on life outside the brig/the flight room from Dee, who informs him that things are not going well, she wishes he were in command, and Tigh is drinking heavily. He is also getting advice from Ellen, who is remarkably good at the “evil power behind the throne” game. While Tigh initially had a fairly logical plan to get the ships to begin resupplying Galactica again, after consulting with Ellen, he sends a message to the ships demanding that they fufill their duties. That’ll go well.

Ooh, back to Caprica! If your strongly pacifist self enjoys, or on some level you are not entirely comfortable with, watching incredibly attractive people shooting guns, well, here’s Helo and Starbuck for you. They come face to face with the guy we saw earlier, who was talking about blowing up Cylon bases, and we have a standoff! After a few rounds of “I’m not a Cylon, you’re a Cylon,” we discover that our new friends are in fact the members of the Caprica City Buccaneers, a professional pyramid team. (Pyramid is a sport. I do not understand it.)  What’s important, though is that everyone’s decided to trust each other.

On Galactica, in the brig, the prison guard has again supplied Laura Roslin with her cancer meds, and also still refers to her as Madame President. Roslin believes something ugly is coming. Jump to Gaeta and Tigh in CiC, where Gaeta informs Tigh that even more ships are refusing to resupply Galactica, and Tigh orders Marines to board every ship refusing, and to use fighter pilots and whoever else they can to take the supplies back by force.

Cut to a Viper pilot trying and failing to restrain a crowd as supplies are taken from a civilian ship called the Gideon. There’s a bit of a riot, and suddenly, shots are fired. Civilians are shot, and four die. Tigh questions Palladino, the Viper pilot in change of the mission, who denies ever giving the order to shoot (and, indeed, started yelling ceasefire as soon as he heard the shots) and attempts to explain the situation to Tigh. Tigh, after being kind of an asshole, walks away, and tells Adama’s comatose body that they really need him back.

In the brig, Laura Roslin hears of the riot, and decides she’s had enough with this prison business. Lee’s worked out a plan, but he doesn’t think Laura’s going to like it. In his chambers, Tigh is freaking out, and Ellen’s being, well, Ellen. They fight, then make out. Back in another brig, Boomer and Tyrol are talking, or at least, Boomer’s talking at Tyrol. Baltar comes in, and under the premise of taking blood from Tyrol to test if he’s a Cylon, drugs him and demands answers from Boomer, telling her Tyrol will die if she doesn’t answer his questions. After some yelling Boomer announces there are eight Cylon models. Seconds from death, Tyrol is restored to life.

Back on Caprica, Samuel T. Anders, the lead resistance fighter Helo and Starbuck met earlier in the day, is showing them around his headquarters. They’ve got 53 people, and 3 months worth of radiation meds.

And now we’re back on Galactica, where Laura Roslin is asking Doc Cottle for help, even though that’s technically vaguely treasonous at the moment. Billy is asking the kindly prison guard for help, and Dee is getting Tigh’s signature on something. Gaeta corners Dee in a bathroom, asking about scrambled phone calls, which Dee denies knowledge of. Lee is with his father, saying what he clearly is worried is his final goodbye to his father. (Do we have a count on how many times this particular duo say goodbye, possibly for the last time? It’s at least twice now by my count.)

Some of the deckhands are building a new prison cell, apparently for the Chief. Callie comes by, gets angry when someone says that Tyrol’s a Cylon, and then punches that same dude in the face when he asks if Callie’s slept with the Chief. Punched dude suggests that Callie get pissed at Boomer.

As Lee is supposedly being escorted back to his cell, the music swells, which leads me to believe that the escape plan is now in play! Our helpful prison guard gets punched in the face “but not too hard” and Roslin is spirited out of the brig. All goes well until they’re intercepted by a Marine, who Roslin manages to talk out of shooting/reporting her. They get to the flight deck, where Billy announces he’s not coming. The Raptor is cleared for launch as a medical mission, and Lee, Roslin and the priest are safely off Galactica. Minutes later, Tigh finds out that Roslin’s missing, and prohibits any more ships from leaving. Tigh talks to Lee, ordering him to turn the ship around or he’ll shoot them down. After a shot across the bow, Tigh orders a weapons hold. Tigh asks if anyone’s noticed scrambled calls, and Gaeta says there’s been nothing. The Raptor lands safely on Cloud Nine, where they are greeted by Tom Zarek! Laura Roslin is not pleased.

On Caprica, Starbuck challenges Sam Anders, our new resistance leader, to a game of Pyramid. I will never understand Pyramid, I expect it is foolish to try, but suffice to say, I do not think that much physical contact is truly necessary for the game. Who knows, maybe it is. Starbuck wins, I think?

On Galactica, Boomer’s being led away, where they are going to do experiments on her. In Tigh’s room, Ellen’s giving him the what-for for letting Roslin escape. And then, like the voice of God, we hear: “Saul, what’s happening on my ship?” COMMANDER ADAMA IS BACK. Tigh confesses that everything’s gone to hell. Adama says they’ll pick up the pieces together, and inquires as to the location of his son.

Somewhere else on the ship, Boomer is being transported, and heckled by the assembled crowd. Callie comes out of nowhere, and shoots Boomer, who dies in Tyrol’s arms.

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