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LTP: 10/14/11

I just got my car back from the mechanic (rodents had been chewing up the wires in my engine, can you believe it?) and as I drove home, I was positively giddy to have it back.  I love my car, and I love to drive.  Every guy I have ever dated has had to get used to the fact that, if we were going somewhere, I was driving.

So how about you, would you rather drive or ride?

By [E]SaraB

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4 replies on “LTP: 10/14/11”

I would much rather ride, but that’s under the condition that I have my own car and can use it when I want to.  I want to ride, but I don’t want to be dependent on someone else.  I don’t particularly love driving, so I am happier riding alone.  And people seem to think I’m not that great of a driver, but I don’t think I’m bad.

I love driving when I don’t have to drive somewhere. For three years I had to drive 52 miles during rush hour to get to a job that drove me crazy, and 52 miles home. So I got a little burnt out on driving. But I have a little car that is so fun to drive (manual, really light-weight), and few things make me as happy as washing my car and just driving around town, running errands, getting food, etc, especially with our weather cooling down so I can open the sun roof!

I form deep emotional attachments to my cars as well. I wept when my first car finally gave up the ghost earlier this year but I’m already in love with my new one (well, new to me). Her name is Sugar. The beginning of our relationship was fraught because I had to re-learn manual on her, but it’s all smooth sailing now. The environmentally aware part of me twinges with guilt now and then, but I can’t deny it, I love driving.

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