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LTP 10/21

I am not much of a fashionista, but I do have a few hard and fast (and sometimes kind of arbitrary) rules when it comes to my clothes.For instance, I went through a phase in college where I wore men’s pajama pants instead of jeans, but I have never in my life left the house in sweatpants. Likewise, I can rock a plaid and polka dot combo, but I react to large-print florals like a vampire to sunlight.

What are your personal style dos and don’ts?

By [E]SaraB

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9 replies on “LTP 10/21”

Slippers must not be worn as shoes. This includes UGGS which are slippers on roids.

But I’m ok with sweatpants and/or yoga pants at the grocery store as long as they are cute, clean and not all stretched out (but I live in the Bay Area and yoga pants are kind of a uniform here).

My standards have slipped as I’ve gotten busier/older/care less. But I typically don’t wear sneakers unless I’m exercising or doing a serious day of walking around. I also always wear socks with said sneakers, because not wearing socks with them is gross.

I don”t typically wear sweatshirts except for exercising or to sleep. I would never leave the house in sweatpants ,but now  I do wear yoga pants like nobody’s business when I can get away with it!


I avoid pastels and anything that can be labelled uber girly and prissy (this would include sweater sets, most cardigans, and anything else Donna Reed would wear) like the plague, but put that ’50s style swirly dress in grey with black lace trim, and I sure as hell will twirl around singing “I Feel Pretty” at the top of my lungs in utter sincerity.

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