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LTP: 10/26/11

We’re pretty proud of ourselves this week here at Persephone.  Our writers and our site are getting some well-deserved recognition and we are just pleased as punch about it.

On a personal level, I’m kind of proud of myself for challenging myself this week and doing things like going to the gym even though what I really wanted to do was wallow in my depression. Exercise works, you guys!

So I want to know what you’re proud of this week?  It can be big or small, but let me know what you are patting yourself on the back for.

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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I got a B on a class project that I had fully expected to get a D on!  The instructor wrote, exactly, “You failed to reach many key points but you write very well!”  So, yah?  If I can’t reach the right conclusion at least I wowed you with my sentence structure?  I’m counting it as a win.  I was sick and wrote it all from a hotel room during a business trip.

I gave up many dinners with crab and lobster for that paper!

And all the dryrot is officially out of my bathroom.  :D  I have no floor, no walls, no nothing but I also have no mold and no rot.  Win.

Ooo, this is a good week for this. This week (just since Sunday, mind you) I have done the following things that I am proud of at varying levels:

-Submitted a proposal for a new job (on a contract basis) in my field.

-Written and submitted two sucky assignments for class in one day (well, one of them I started the night  before, but close enough…)

-Run almost 8.5 miles (my last run before that was six miles, and I upped it almost 2.5 miles by SHEER FORCE OF WILL – out of everything, I am most proud of this, to be honest.)

Haha, I was lazy about running all summer (too hot!) but I’ve been stepping it up massively in preparation for a 15K next Saturday.  I’m totally dialing it  back for the winter though, because I hate running outside when it’s cold, and treadmills are hella boring after the first three miles or so.

1. I finally cleaned my house this weekend. It was horrible but now it’s done.

2. Even though I am not the “breadwinner” of the two of us, I manage my money better, and I successfully retained enough paycheck to float us when my dude bounced his bank account. (I’m over being mad about it, and am now just laughing at him, because, lol, the woman is better with the finances. Eat that, misogynist stereotypes!)

3. I am proud of all the Persephone stuff!

4. And I am proud of the work I’m doing at work, because it’s the first job I haven’t hated in a LONG time.

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