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LTP: 10/27

Happy Thursday! This has been a stellar week at the worldwide Persephone headquarters, and I hope it’s been a good week for you too. Having our community grow expontentially overnight got me wondering about Internet behaviors.

Today’s poll: How many comments do you leave around the Internet (excluding social media sites like Facebook and Twitter) per day? Do you leave short comments, or are your comments long enough to warrant their own zip code? What’s your commenting style?

2 replies on “LTP: 10/27”

I move in cycles. I comment a lot here, interact on Tumblr, and have days on and days off on the Twitters. Plus, facebook. On it all the time. It’s like working in an open office with all of my friends. I still get shit done but I can say, “Hey check out this video I found when I was taking my stretch break!”


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