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LTP: 10/28

I’m not usually the warm-and-fuzzy type. I’m usually up in here cracking jokes about my sobriety or bitching about public transportation. But lately I got hit by a case of the warm and fuzzies.

Deal with it.

Anyway, today’s lunchtime poll is inspired by two separate things that happened to me this week.

One: I had a dream about my best friend, who moved across the country to pursue the last legs of her education and is doing amazing things for women in counseling and reproductive health. I miss her a lot, but it occurred to me that her work on helping women with their internal lives (emotional and physical) and my work to help improve lives in more external ways (like good eating and comfort things) are kind of two sides of the same coin. I won’t compare them in importance, because there’s no point, but it made me feel really close to her despite our geographical distance right now.

Two: I met and had lunch with a blogger I really respect, not only because I’m sure his Klout score is really high, but also because I just think the work he’s doing is great. He’s funny, alert, conscientious, and literate, and every post of his I read makes me feel all kinds of awesome. He also happens to work for a company that’s about 4 blocks down the street from the one I work for. So we finally met up, had lunch, and chatted about things we have in common. It was like having lunch with an old friend, so much so that we’re gonna do it again today!

Anyway, the whole week just impressed me with how great my friends, new and old, are in my life, and what a positive impact they’ve had on me. So I wanted to ask: what is the best friend story you have to tell this week? 

By Meghan Young Krogh

Meghan had a number of quality writing mentors over the course of her education, which just goes to show that you can't blame the teacher for the way the student turns out. Team Oxford Comma represent.

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I have several people I consider to be my best friends … I don’t have a “this week” specific story though. I’m just here to say that at least two of my best friends have held that position for 26 years, with most the others coming in at 18-year range. They are very important to me, even though I live far away from most of them.

My BFF is coming to town on Tuesday for a Toronto adventure! I am so excited because a) we haven’t seen eachother in a few months, b) I love my city and I love showing it to people. (I know Toronto frequently gets a bad rap from the rest of Canada, partly because the news is super Toronto centric but I do think it’s a neat place)

I have  megabus tickets for me and one BFF (looking at you, Selena) to go see our mutual BFF in Chicago in exactly THREE WEEKS. CANNOT WAIT.

I’m not the only one who bestows the term BFF on several people, by decade, right?

Also, this was couple of weeks ago, but my daughter brought home a picture a friend had made of the two of them, and wrote BFF. I got to explain what a BFF was, and her eyes lit up. So cool!

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