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LTP: 10/3/11

Happy Monday, Persephoneers! Hope everyone had a great, relaxing weekend, or at least got to sleep in a little.  We’re all back at work, so here’s a two-tiered LTP to kill a little time between tasks. 

Part one is serious/timely:

The US Supreme Court is back in session today, do you agree with how the sitting judges are selected/appointed?

Part two is frivolous, because it’s Monday, and somewhat timely:

Are there any TV shows you watch over and over again? Your answers will help me settle a bet with a friend, who thinks no one else gets as obsessive as we do about our favorite shows. I think he just hasn’t met enough Persephoneers.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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5 replies on “LTP: 10/3/11”

A) I don’t really agree with how the justices are appointed, but I don’t have a better suggestion, so my dissatisfaction is sort of academic at best.

2) I rewatch shows all the time. Not long ago, I rewatched both seasons of Life (NBC drama with Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi OMG WATCH IT NOW I THINK IT’S STILL ON HULU), and I re-watch Firefly all the damn time.

I laugh every time I watch what I call The Handcuffs Episode of MSCL.  It was hilarious.  It was also the episode where I least hated Angela’s mom.  Since I have it on DVD, I’ll have to pull that out again.

I also watch The Cosby Show and Bones over and over.  And over.

1. As the country becomes more polarized, the partisan-elected President appointing a judge to the court stinks more than ever of party representation and politics. I don’t have a better suggestion in mind, because I can’t think of a body of qualified people capable of expelling personal or organizational bias adequately for the task, nor do I think it is a position that should be determined by general election (Supreme Court Justice is not something that should ever be subjected to the personality/charisma contest general elections are naturally subject to).

2. The West Wing and My So-Called Life and certain seasons of Roseanne. You’re not alone.

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