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LTP 10/7/11: Chores

I have just finished washing dishes and it got me thinking: what is your least favorite chore?  I actually don’t mind doing dishes, I like seeing things get clean.  I find it very satisfying.  In fact, I kind of like any “cleaning” chore: vacuuming, cleaning a toilet, mopping.  It’s like instant gratification.  What I hate is picking up clutter.  I look at a cluttered room and almost instantly feel overwhelmed and a little depressed.  That’s why I usually ask my teenagers to pick up, so I can come back and vacuum a clean room.

So, what are you most likely to pawn off on someone else?

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I hate folding and putting away laundry. Sometimes it stays in the basket for days after it’s been taken out of the dryer. I think it’s because I am particular about how it’s put away so it’s a huge chore. T-shirts folded perfectly and closet organized by type and color. I also refold all the towels after my bf does because he doesn’t do it right.

I don’t mind any of them (although with the laundry room now 2 BLOCKS away from our home I’m not stoked about laundry), but what I hate is cleaning up something I just cleaned. Like, I vacuum, and then dude feeds the dog and there’s kibble everywhere. And dude doesn’t clean up the kibble, so I get to vacuum again, 20 minutes after the last time I did it, or else risk grinding kibble into the carpet.

This is becoming a regular thing.

I really don’t mind dishes or laundry, but I hate washing forks and matching socks. I like yard work, if it’s not armpit hot outside. I would give up cable for a self-cleaning toilet and shower.  I like detail-oriented stuff like cleaning the oven (not that you’d know that right now.) or scrubbing down the cabinets, the stuff with dramatic results.  I don’t buy anything that needs to be ironed.

I don’t do any chores except dishes and the blasted cat box as frequently as I could/should, though.

I hate HATE matching socks. I buy exceptionally obnoxious socks so that matching them up is a breeze because it is hard to confuse a hot pink leopard print knee high with a fluorescent yellow ankle sock. My friends also appreciate this because they can always find me in dressing rooms by looking under the doors for the most ridiculous pair socks.

When I was a nanny, matching up the boys socks was my own little version of hell. However, I love doing laundry and folding clothes; I actually reorganize my closet for fun. I am weird.

I was just talking about this last night! I hate the dishes and laundry because it seems like they’re never, ever done. Laundry is especially loathsome. Even if you wash every single dirty item of clothing in the house, you still have the stuff you’re wearing! It’s a never-ending cycle.

On the other hand, I do love ironing. I don’t know why. When I was younger, I used to pretend that I was an ironing superhero out to stop the evil wrinklemonsters. (Don’t judge me.)

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