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Monday Flashback OT: 1988

Happy Halloween! Did you pass out candy tonight? Wear witch socks to work or school? How did you celebrate? I picked 1988 tonight because I think it’s the year I started passing out the candy instead of collecting it. I’m pretty sure I did trick or treat in 9th grade (oh the bonus of having a much younger brother), but in 10th grade I stayed home and manned the door. I also remember that I served my first detention EVER on Halloween, 1988. I know it was Halloween because I wore a witch hat. I even remember why I had detention– for being tardy to geometry class two times. Every two tardies, there was a 30 minute detention to serve after school. I served a lot of detentions that year. ANYWAY.

Do you remember making the switch from collecting the candy to passing it out? How did you celebrate today?

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1988 was my first Halloween. My mom turned an old grey pillowcase into a witch’s dress and stuck a feather duster into my carrier for a broom.  She’s so resourceful.  Of course after that, I didn’t stop trick-or-treating until college.  My best friends have hordes of younger siblings, and we were always conscripted to take them, though it didn’t exactly take a lot of arm twisting to get us to do it.  This year was a little dull for the actual day of Halloween celebrating, but we had lots of pre-parties.

I think it was my sophomore year in high school that my mom said I wasn’t allowed to trick-or-treat anymore, and instead had a Halloween party that kind of stunk. And this year I didn’t give out candy since I was out getting my hair done.

I do love Halloween, I’m just terrible at it.

I stopped trick-or-treating when I was maybe 13 or so (1990-ish?), but I haaaaaated handing out candy. Tonight was actually the first time in years I’ve handed out candy; our last place never got trick-or-treaters, but our new neighborhood is suburbia central. It was fun, except for the too-old kids not in costume (I don’t mind teenagers, but you need to have a costume on), and the one 9-ish?-year-old girl who pointed a toy pistol at me and kept pulling the trigger, saying I wasn’t giving her enough candy. That kid was a jerk.

And, man, they show up LATE. We ended up turning the lights off at 9, and I could still hear groups of them outside.

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