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Never Mind the Neilsens: Announcing the Elite Eight

After another exciting week of voting, we’re ready to reveal the top eight contenders in the fall bracket. Click through for the results! 

Winners are in bold!

Supporting Badasses in Drama

Willow vs. Joan

Arya vs. Kaylee

Supporting Badasses in Comedy

Jane Lane vs. Miss Piggy

Carla vs. Karen

Leading Badasses in Drama

Buffy vs. Peggy

Veronica vs. Zoe

Leading Badasses in Comedy

Leslie vs. The Goddamn Golden Girls

Daria vs. Liz Lemon

Join us next week when we decide the winner of each category!




By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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19 replies on “Never Mind the Neilsens: Announcing the Elite Eight”

The only one I’m sad about is Veronica Mars. And I don’t know who Zoe is, so maybe she really is more bad ass.

All the rest I voted for or can live with. I think I would have liked to see Liz Lemon beat out Daria, but that choice was basically like choosing between 16 year old Me and Present Me.  I think Present Me is better, but 16 year old Me had some merits, too.

And really, I’m happy that the GDGG were knocked out of the running. I’m pleased that we have enough people who didn’t jump on the hipster bandwagon.

Zoe is an taciturn gun-slinging first-mate on a smuggler’s spaceship, and a war veteran who was on the (losing) rebellion side.  She’s tactful when she needs to be, punchy/shooty when she needs to be, and doesn’t take crap from anyone (especially not her husband or captain.)  She is as unabashed about her sexuality as she is about her ass-kicking.  She has a quiet, snarky sense of humor.  SHE IS AWESOME.  I really cannot express how badass she is.  So…if it’s any comfort, Veronica Mars really did get knocked out by a major badass (I voted Zoe, if you couldn’t tell…not that I don’t love Veronica, I just love Zoe more.)

I cannot be on the same page as you about the GDGG.  I love them to death (as evidenced by the fact that I ALWAYS have at least a couple episodes saved on my DVR so I can get my Golden Girls fix whenever I need to) and it hurts my heart that they got knocked out.

How did THE GODDAMN GOLDEN GIRLS lose?  Every part of me is weeping at this.  The GODDAMN GOLDEN GIRLS.  *sobs*

On another note, I dread having to decide between TWO sets of Whedon ladies next week.  How can I choose between a badass vampire/demon slayer and a badass gunslinging space pirate?  How can I decide between the two most badass redheads TV has ever seen?  I can’t do it.  Can’t!

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