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Never Mind the Neilsens: Round Two, Day Four

It’s the last day of voting before the Sweet Sixteen are revealed.  Remember, you can still vote in all of this week’s threads until tomorrow at 2 p.m., EST.

Here are today’s ladies.





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The Goddamn Golden Girls

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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8 replies on “Never Mind the Neilsens: Round Two, Day Four”

This is the hardest one yet.  Ultimately I had to go for Scully over Buffy because I thought that Buffy got too self-pitying and whiny in the last two seasons and I’ve only gotten to season 5 or so in X-Files so I don’t hate Scully yet.

Well, everything was hard except the last one.  If the Goddamn Golden Girls take this I’m going to call you all hipsters. And I’m going to say it in a really mean way.

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