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Once More With Open Thread

In honor of the Buffy View Party, today’s Dance Party Song is a twofer, because I can’t choose just one favorite from Once More With Feeling. There’s a chance that I’ve previously featured Anthony Head singing in my Open Threads and I don’t care because I loves him. I also love “I’ll Never Tell” and this version stars the Sims. So, enjoy both!

My life fantasy would be to marry Giles and then at our wedding sing “I’ll Never Tell,” and do a choreographed dance, of course. Someone figure out how to make that happen. Thanks in advance.

By Luci Furious

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I just watched the musical episode tonight with dinner!  I second the Giles song love.  But I also love I’m Under Your Spell, mostly because I have a mad crush on Tara and her voice is gorgeous.  And Spike’s song because it’s SPIKE.  And Sweet’s song for the tapping.  And Walk Through the Fire cause it’s all epic.  But for reals, if I had to choose two favorites it would be Giles’ and Tara’s, because they have the best voices (I’m including their duet with that.)

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