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OT: Monday Night Flashback 1978

This weekend, my family had the responsibility of taking care of the preschool classroom rabbit. After cleaning the cage, picking up poo & running out to the store to get more bedding, it became clear to me that I have no desire to have a pet. None. Zero. Zilch. As a kid, we only ever had a fish tank.

The fish tank was set up on Valentine’s Day, 1978, as best as I can remember. Legend has it that my kindergarten class had a fish tank, so I named three of the fish after the fish at school- Salt, Pepper, and Cinnamon. The fourth fish had bulging eyes, we named him Barney Google, because my dad always sang the song (not familiar with song, just search Barney Google on YouTube).

What kinds of pets did you grow up with?

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Growing up we only had one dog, but as soon as I left for college, one dog turned into four plus a turtle, a rabbit, two African dwarf frogs, 26 quail, 5 chickens, and 4 ducks. I still have no idea why, but I think my dad might be suffering from “well, if this economy is gonna collapse, at least I’ll be able to feed my family,” which I find adorably ridiculous.


We once had a sickly calf that lived in our garage.  Other than that we had cats, dogs, fish, gerbils, hamsters, birds, and guinea pigs.  My mom caught a garter snake in her garden, and I was allowed to keep him (or her).  It was awesome until my gerbil ate him.  I was heartbroken!

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