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OT: Monday Night Flashback 1979

Do you remember the first phone numbers you memorized? Back in 1979, I memorized my home phone number, and because it was only one digit off, I memorized our upstairs neighbor’s as well. After that, I memorized my grandmother’s phone number. I still use it on occasion, because my aunt still lives in that house, and the number hasn’t been changed.

Even though we moved in 1981, I still remember that first phone number. Probably because it was a kindergarten requirement. I don’t remember any of the phone numbers I had through college, or as I moved around after college, but that number I knew for 2 years when I was five? Engraved forever in my long-term memory.

What phone numbers do you remember and why? And, how was your Monday?

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My parents still have the same phone number we did when I was little.

When my grandparents moved out of their split level into a ranch, they moved across a county line and got a new number. I still have to look it up when I call there. It’s so weird because it was one of the other first numbers I learned.

I always had a good memory for that sort of thing until I got a cell phone, though, so I guess I can’t blame the telephone company.

Ooh, around this time in 1979, I was just about to celebrate my first birthday! Happy almost first birthday, tiny PoM!

I still have both of my middle/high school BFF’s phone numbers memorized, even though neither one has had that number in more than 15 years. One of them was only two numbers off from my number, so obviously that meant we were super destined to be friends forever.

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