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Recap: Parenthood, Episode 3.06, “Tales from the Luncheonette”

With such a large cast, it’s not often that each one of the adult Braverman children gets a storyline in one episode, but in this episode, each one gets a lot of screen time. Parenthood (on NBC) covered a lot of ground in several plot lines this week.

The episodes starts where last week left off: Sarah tending to Seth after the bar fight. She tells him, “This whole thing has got to stop.” As the episode goes on, viewers see how badly Seth has scarred the family. Zeke is livid over the idea of helping to finance his recovery, and refuses.

Adam brings Kristina and baby Nora home from the hospital with typical Braverman hoopla. In the middle of it, Crosby pulls Adam aside to tell him about a potential client. Mr. Cee Lo Green wants to record at the Lucheonette in two days. Crosby feels they have to say no, Adam doesn’t see any other answer than yes.

Julia and Joel tell Zeke and Camille about adopting Zoe’s baby. Zeke and Camille start asking questions, and are really quite rude to Julia and Joel. After they leave, Joel reassures Julia that they’ve covered their bases, regardless of what her father thinks.

Tonight’s light-hearted story line is Drew’s first love. After a scene where Amy’s flirting with him, Drew goes to talk to Amber. She gives him tips on how to make a move, and gets the best big sister ever award.

When Haddie comes home from school, Kristina’s asleep on top of the college essay she left for her to read. Kristina is so, so tired, and you can see that Adam’s new schedule, the new baby, and teenagers is going to take a huge toll on her.

After a less than stellar day in the studio, Crosby fears they’ve been fired. Adam keeps it together and gives Crosby a pep talk, which is somewhat out of character for him (Adam’s usually more tightly wound).  As Crosby’s convinced all is at a loss, Cee Lo comes back in ready for another try. Day two goes much better, and gives both Adam and Crosby the confidence they need.

Zeke and Camille host a small dinner with Julia, Joel, & Sarah, and they joke about the toast to the absent Bravermans.  Joel unknowingly brings up their help in getting Seth to rehab. Zeke kind of freaks out. Joel stands up for Sarah. And pretty much tells Zeke that he’s going to have to be OK with what the grown ups choose to do, whether it be giving money to people, adopting babies or anything else. I LOVE THIS MAN. Seriously, one of the most respectful-yet-truthful speeches given to Zeke.

The next day, in Camille’s kitchen, Drew and Amy are making smoothies and Drew goes for it. He gets a sweet first kiss, and then, later, tells his sister about it! Just when you think the episode is going to end on a high note, Drew and Amber are summoned to Sarah’s living room. They joke about who did what and who’s in trouble, but both are visibly shocked when they see their bruised and battered father there.

Then Seth sits down, with Sarah at his side, and he explains to Amber and Drew that he’s going to rehab.

Do you think Seth will make it through rehab? Will it end Sarah’s relationship with Hot Teacher? Will the Lucheonette take off? What kind of musical acts would you like to see? Will Kristina make it through the first few weeks of life with a newborn? What’s going to happen next?

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