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Recap: Parenthood, Episode 3.4 “Clear Skies from Here on Out”

How are you supposed to react when you learn your dad is filming a commercial for erectile dysfunction? Sarah isn’t sure, but that was the opening scene. She then gets to see Mr. Hot Teacher, and gives him a smooch to start his day.This episode focused on relationships even more than usual, with a few climaxes and one sweet beginning.

Haddie & Alex

If you’ve been watching this season, you know things aren’t perfect for this young couple. Haddie’s grown up, but Alex is growing distant. Their break up was fairly calm, but the hard part actually came when Alex said goodbye to Kristina. Alex really needs parents or a mentor, and Kristina and Adam were filling those roles.

Jaber & Max

Last week audiences breathed a sigh of relief when it looked like Max had a found a buddy in Jaber. This week we learn that Jaber, being his father’s spawn, wants to move on to other friends. Max, having Asperger’s, doesn’t understand. Since Max is about five years older than Jaber, he strong-arms him into having lunch. Everyday. Because we’re best friends AND cousins.

I melted at the sweet scene between Crosby and Jaber in the recording studio, when Crosby tries to approach the subject. He delivers a muddled message though, one that any parent knows will backfire.

It does backfire, and now the rift between Jasmine and him grows deeper. What else is new? Oh yeah, Adam is pissed at Crosby. That part’s not new, but the fact that they are officially in business together is.

Zeke & Camille

We haven’t seen much of Camille this season, so I really enjoyed her scene with Sarah, where she confides that she wishes she had something, like the way Zeke has acting.

Zeke has fun with the shoot, sort of, and afterward apologizes to Camille for being so self-centered. The scene then turns into an ED commercial and I wanted it to be over.

Drew & Amy

Amid all this, Drew has his first date with Amy, the girl he met at the yard sale. He’s nervous, she’s nervous, and Amber drives them to the movies. Amy talks more to Amber than to Drew, and Drew doesn’t know what to do about it. When a snapshot of Sarah kissing Mr. Hot Teacher starts to circulate at the school, Drew loses it. He unloads on Amy, airing all the family laundry, and then walks away defeated.

But then Amy comes to him. She throws rocks at his window in the middle of the night, and he finally gets confirmation that she likes him. That’s all a sixteen-year-old-boy needs to turn his whole week around.

Next week, Adam and Kristina have their baby!

What did you think of Drew’s date? Haddie’s break up? The tension between Adam and Crosby, and how they resolved it?


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