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Persephone Lounge is Open for Business: OT for 10/13

Is it Thursday again already? Man, the days are getting shorter and the weeks are all kind of blurring together. Come on it, get comfy, grab a drink (tonight it’s coffee and Bailey’s for me) and tell us about your week.

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My week has had lots of ups and downs.  My car went all wonky because rodents had been chewing up the wires, but my awesome mechanic was able to fix it completely for waaaay less than his initial estimate.  I made super-cool miniature Han Solos frozen in carbonite, but broke my camera lens in the process.

All in all, it’s been a productive week, just lots of weirdness.

My week. Oh, man. My week started last Wednesday when a close friend passed away suddenly. So there was all the mourning and funeral stuff. Yesterday, my dog was supposed to have surgery, but something went wrong with the respiration stuff and when they started her anesthesia, she got hyperoxygenated, went into respiratory arrest and then cardiac arrest. They revived her, she is doing fine, she is stable. The vet says she’s alert and the worst thing is that she seems very anxious, but that is probably because she hates all vet techs and veterinarians that she’s ever met, and she is surrounded by them. They are going to let the extra oxygen clear from her system (she literally has air bubbles in her chest cavity) and reschedule once that’s set. I get to go visit her on Saturday morning. I will be driving an hour and a half, and will probably only be allowed to see her for 15 minutes, since she is still in the “constant supervision” room and will likely still be there then.

I have declared that calories don’t exist until at least next week.

On the plus side, my boss is hugely supportive of the fact that I am applying for a promotion/transfer/transition into our client company. The transfer would take me to NYC, which would be amazing.

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