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Pet Toy Or Sex Toy?

You may have noticed the fairly new “Advertise With Us” sidebar on Persephone’s home page. I was surprised and delighted when a picture of a sex toy came up one day. “Damn,” I thought, “That is one ambitious butt plug.” Except it was a dog toy.

I grew up with a dog who had a variety of toys, but that was in my pre-sex-toy days, so it never occurred to me how much some cat and dog toys can look like sex toys until my butt plug / Kong mistake. So I decided we could play a game this week – Pet Toy Or Sex Toy? The answers will be at the very bottom of the post, below our contact info, but no peeking! (We’ll cite the sources for the pictures down there too; pictures have only been edited to get rid of any logos or company names that would, you know, give away whether they’re meant to go in your dog’s mouth or up your partner’s ass.)












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1. Dog toy (though it looks exactly like some rope cuffs I’ve seen at a sex store) 2. Sex toy (flared base – it’ll help you differentiate Kongs and butt plugs every time) 3. Sex toy (although PetsMart has some toys for cats that are almost identical) 4. Dog toy (nice texture though) 5. Dog toy (okay, but y’all, its name is “everlasting fun ball on a rope,” hahaha) 6. Sex toy 7. Dog toy 8. Sex toy (no, really, dog toy, just messing with you) 9. Sex toy (albeit not the most inviting thing to put by your bits)

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I can’t for the life of me remember which of my tumblr friends started it (hell, it might have been you!), but have you seen Also throws in baby toys of a questionable-looking nature. Hasn’t been updated in a while, but there’s some comedy gold in there.

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