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Recap: Haven. Episode 2.12, “Sins of the Fathers”

It’s nighttime in Haven. A man named Bill is awakened by a man named Arlo telling him there’s a man with a gun and Sheila’s in danger. Then Arlo is with Sheila, telling her he’ll protect her. Arlo steps between Sheila and the man who’s entered her house with a gun ““ Bill ““ and Bill fires the gun, thinking Arlo is the intruder. The bullet goes through Arlo and hits Sheila. It’s payback, Arlo says, “for screwing my wife.”

The next day, Audrey is avoiding Duke, but he wants to assure her that he’s not going to kill anyone, let alone her. She doesn’t seem completely convinced. She storms into the Herald and shows Dave a picture of them ““ Dave and Lucy ““ together. She slaps a mug out of Dave’s hand and demands answers. Vince explains that she was Lucy, and before that she was Sarah, and before that they don’t know. She’s appeared in the town off and on to help the Troubled. She asks who “Agent Howard” is, but the Teagues claim not to know.

Vince gives her Sarah’s wedding ring, which she had him keep because they were friends. Then Audrey gets an urgent text to meet Nathan at the scene of a homicide. After she leaves, Dave accuses Vince of telling Audrey too much, but Vince is determined not to let Dave keep him from helping her this time. Meanwhile, on Duke’s boat, Simon Crocker shows up, all casual-like despite the fact that he’s dead.

After the credits, Nathan wants to know why Audrey’s late but she ignores him. The shooter, Bill, is in shock but he keeps blaming Arlo, who happens to be dead. But of course, complicating matters, Arlo was spotted in the vicinity by neighbors around the time of the shooting. Nathan asks Audrey to dinner. No, that doesn’t have anything to do with the murder investigation. I guess he figures he’d better ask while he has the nerve. She agrees and says she’ll make pancakes. He asks if she means for dinner or “¦ y’know, breakfast. She walks away without answering.

Duke thinks he’s hallucinating Simon. Simon doesn’t know why he’s there. He says the Troubles must be back, since Duke has the trunk he hid, and asks if Duke’s “healed” anyone yet. Simon claims that all the times he was absent as a father, it was because he was out “healing” people by killing them and ending their family’s curse. Seems that that is the Crocker Trouble. Sucks to be them. Guess it sucks to be other Troubled people too.

Audrey can’t find any evidence of Arlo still being alive, like credit card charges. Audrey and Nathan talk to Kyle, the gravedigger. He’s pissed at Audrey for killing the Rev. Nathan threatens the parolee with weed possession charges to force him to dig up Arlo’s grave. Arlo is still in it, so there’s no chance he faked his death. Nathan gets another homicide call: a “dead girl told her brother to do it.” The girl, Annie, accused a guy named Kurt of raping her. Annie’s brother got Kurt to confess before he killed him.

The Teagues come to the station to get dirt on Sheila’s death. Actually, it’s more like they’re there to dispense the dirt since they seem to know everything. They confirm that Bill and Sheila were having an affair, and in fact Arlo died of a heart attack when he found out. It looks like the dead are out for revenge.

At the cemetery, the Rev appears to Kyle, asking for help finishing his “work” in Haven. Kyle is only too happy to help. Elsewhere, Simon takes Duke to a field. Years ago, a group of kids and chaperones died there (is there anywhere in Haven where somebody hasn’t died?), supposedly from food poisoning. What really happened is that a Troubled girl named Jenny got scared by a ghost story, and spread her fear around, intense enough to kill. Simon had refused to kill Jenny’s grandfather just a week before, so he never made that mistake again. He’s sure Duke has had loved ones killed by the Troubles, people he could have saved.

Nathan and Audrey aren’t able to find similarities between Arlo and Annie, except that they were buried in the same cemetery. Meanwhile, Kyle is passing out a list of the Troubled people in town. This can’t be good. Nathan tells Audrey that when Duke came back to town, he asked Nathan to go fishing with him and said he wanted to be friends. The fishing trip turned out to be a cover story for a smuggling operation; when Nathan found out, they got into a huge fight. That’s when Nathan’s Trouble kicked in, and he seems to blame Duke for it. He tells Audrey that Duke can’t be trusted.

Back at the cemetery, they find Annie’s grave, untouched like Arlo’s. Nathan sees a bunch of dead people walking toward them. Audrey, once again, is immune and sees nothing. The dead all look vaguely annoyed, like people waiting in line at the DMV. They stare for a moment and then walk away.

Audrey notices Duke is also at the cemetery. He tells them what Simon told him, and says he buried the box. Simon was originally buried at seaside, but the ground is eroding, so he was later moved. Nathan gets on the phone to try to find out who did the moving. Unsurprisingly, he learns that Kyle is the one who buried all the returning dead. Then Nathan sees the Chief, who shouldn’t be there, since Nathan is the one who buried him.

The Chief is all, “Hello, Nathan.” That’s literally what he says. Nathan asks him what he’s doing there, and they start their usual bickering before Nathan gets around to telling him about the current plague of ghosts. Nathan informs him that Audrey shot the Rev and he says, “Good for her!” Heh. Nathan asks why the Chief didn’t tell Audrey what he knew about her last stint in Haven. The Chief asks him if he’s in love with her, and tells him he needs to nix it. Audrey is too important and they can’t have her distracted and taking risks for Nathan. Nathan says if that’s what the Chief came back to say, then he’s wasted his time.

While Nathan’s chatting with his dad, Audrey and Duke go looking for Kyle. Audrey spots a red X in a circle painted on the ground outside a house. She only now mentions that she’s been seeing them around town. She notices a set of dropped keys, and then Duke sees the Rev come marching up to them. He tells Audrey to check the house while he “keeps watch,” and warns the Rev not to hurt her. The Rev claims he came back for Duke. Duke says he’s talked to Simon and wants nothing to do with the Rev, but the Rev threatens to hurt Audrey if Duke doesn’t come with him.

Nathan ends up giving the ditched Audrey a ride to Kyle’s house. There’s a pregnant woman out front, whom Audrey pretend-asks for directions. She notices red paint on the woman’s hands, so they follow her out to the woods. The Troubled are being chloroformed and transported to a building (hence the red marks), and it looks like some townspeople are getting ready to burn the building down. Duke enters the clearing with the Rev, but before Audrey and Nathan can decide what to do, they find guns pointed at their heads.

Duke asks the Rev for answers, and the Rev shows him all the Troubled people they’ve rounded up. He tells Duke that Duke is going to save them so they don’t get burned instead. Duke pulls his knife; Audrey and Nathan, who have been marched into the clearing, ask him if he’s in on it. He drops the knife.

Audrey informs Kyle, who has a gun to her head, that he’s the one who brought the Rev (and the others) back. The Rev tells Kyle he can’t help him, and tells him only Duke can save his unborn child. One of the townsfolk puts the knife in Duke’s hand. Audrey asks, “Duke, what are you doing?” Kyle begs Duke to help him. Simon tells Duke not to listen to Audrey, and the Rev says, “She’s a liar.”

“No,” Duke says, “She’s my friend.” Simon tells him that his friend is responsible for killing Simon’s father and Simon. He says she’s going to be the death of Duke, too, even if he doesn’t technically die at her hands. In a flash, Kyle grabs Duke’s hand and forces the knife into his own stomach. Blood splatters on Duke’s hand and then disappears. Kyle thanks Duke before collapsing.

All of a sudden, the Chief joins the rest of the ghosts. He says he’s just sorry Lucy beat him to killing Simon, and gloats that Audrey’s going to kill Duke. Simon says his son is different ““ like he wasn’t singing another tune five seconds ago ““ but the Chief is convinced Duke is no match for Nathan. “Take care of our girl,” he tells Nathan. Kyle dies and the ghosts disappear. Audrey grabs a gun and says she’s arresting every-damn-body.

At the Herald, Dave’s gotten hold of the cooler Vince had Kyle dig up weeks ago. How did Vince know where to find it? How did Dave know where he stashed it, for that matter? Vince says they need the Chief because “It’s different this time. She’s different this time.” Oh man, I have a bad feeling that’s going to be the answer now any time they veer off-course from the plot they’ve laid out on the show: She’s different this time. Anyway, Dave storms out.

Audrey preps her place for her dinner with Nathan. She seemed uncertain about him after her talk with Dave and Vince, but it looks like she’s setting the stage for romance nonetheless. She goes to the door, expecting Nathan, and gets Tased by an unseen assailant. When Nathan arrives, he finds the door ajar, glasses smashed on the floor, and a whistle that makes him think Duke was there. Duke, who is drinking alone when Nathan confronts him on his boat, says he doesn’t know anything. They fight and Nathan pulls his gun. Duke can’t explain himself, and then he sees the tattoo on Nathan’s arm. Unknown to Nathan, he’s reaching for his own stashed weapon. The scene changes to the outside of the boat, and we hear a single gunshot.

And that’s how they’re going to leave things this season. Huh.

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Random thoughts:

Tahmoh Penikett!

Uh, trying to overcome the complete lack of family resemblence with a bad dye job probably wasn’t the best idea.

Other thoughts:

I loved that Nathan and the Chief fell right back into their normal patterns. In fact, I just missed the Chief.

I also appreciated them answering questions such as, why Nathan dislikes Duke and yet they can fall back into an uneasy friendship or when did Nathan lose his sense of touch. 

And they brought back the idea that Vince can be unnervingly scary, even to his brother.

Still trying to work out the timeline of Duke’s life, but that’s less important. 

But there’s going to be a Christmas episode, even if they haven’t confirmed at third season.

I’m not familiar with Tahmoh Penikett’s work (I know, bad geek!) but that man. Has the widow’s peak. Of life. Seriously, That Hairline.

On a more relevant note, I’m not sure what to make of the tension between the Teagues. Maybe it’s just me, but they didn’t seem to be so at odds until relatively recently. How long did Dave think they were going to be able to dance around the whole “Who is Lucy Ripley?” question?

But I do love that Nathan and the Chief fell right back into their old patterns. If my mother died and appeared to me as a ghost, I can promise you that at some point (after I got over the initial shock, which is not such a big factor in Haven), there would be a debate re: the appropriateness of my shoes.

Not to dissuade you from watching Haven (’cause it’s had me ever since the FBI agent referenced Mulder), but Tahmoh is only in the last episode of the second season.  And he was kinda annoying until such time as he and Nicholas Campbell got into a “My son could totally take your son” bickering match.

…It worked in the moment, trust me.


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