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Recap: Project Runway, Episode 9.12: “It’s the Final Countdown”

Here we go. We’re down to five designers. It’s the final challenge to determine who shows at fashion week. Cue dramatic music or something.

They’re getting “out of the city” by going to Governor’s Island, which isn’t really out of the city. I mean, it’s technically still part of Manhattan. Anyway, they are creating three looks inspired by the island — architecture, the city scape, sculptures that are displayed.

After their trip to Mood — where Laura has to pare down her fabric from $700 to the budgeted $500 — the designers are in the workroom and Tim walks in with the dreaded button bag. What could it be? Oh, the drama. It turns out they get to choose an assistant from the last five eliminated designers. Kimberly chooses Becky, Viktor picks Olivier, Laura selects Anthony Ryan, Anya goes with Bert and Joshua ends up with Bryce. So there’s no Joshua-Bert showdown this week. Sorry.

Bryce points out that there is no love between the final five. There’s an air of tension. He has an excellent point — everyone is on edge, worse than in previous seasons. They don’t interact as much, which — let’s get real — makes them a little harder to snark on. Laura says something about going outside of her box and everyone watching at home giggles. Or maybe that’s just me. Olivier isn’t happy to be there, but it’s very in character. He pretty much whined all season, so why would now be any different?

Joshua is super pissy about everything. He’s really hung up on Anya’s lack of sewing experience, despite the fact that she has won several challenges, and he’s extra mad that she beat him out for the $20,000 last time. He keeps harping on jackets. She hasn’t made one and that really bothers him. WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE JACKETS? To be fair, Viktor also says some things about her sewing skills — er, lack thereof — but less obsessively. And Bert is pretty much giving her sewing lessons the entire time. I actually came up with a hand movement to demonstrate how Anya manages to make things every week, but it doesn’t translate well into type.

Laura manages to choke up during the interview when she talks about having dreamed of showing at fashion week since she was 13. I feel like we should all take a drink because she cried. DRINK.

Kimberly is really into making about 25 different pieces for three outfits, because she makes and scraps all sorts of things then changes her mind. It’s dizzying. But if that’s how she rolls, so be it.

Time for the last runway. Josh’s look is ill-fitting and tacky, especially his second outfit, a majorette ensemble with a plastic vest over it. Kimberly’s is bold and fashionable, though her cocktail dress is a tad short for my taste.

Apparently that orange coat is what German exchange students wear. Really. Ask the judges, they know everything.

Laura’s first outfit — a jacket and skirt — is nice, but her second dress looks like a nightie and the circles lay in weird places on the gown. Anya ventured into a lack of prints and everything is a little off. Viktor made a BAMF-y leather jacket (I like it, even though I don’t wear leather!) and two other sleek looks, a blouse and pencil skirt followed by a simple black dress with some boning (heh) at the hips to give it structure.

Disco Statue of Liberty, tacky majorette and an OK white dress.

The judges also dislike Josh’s disco disaster, but don’t like Kimberly’s as much as I do. Laura tears up on the runway when talking about wanting to go to fashion week. Drink. The judges love her gown, though, and dislike her suit and nightgown dress.

When I look at that gown I just see circles that could be nips.

They also love Anya’s, except when guest judge Zoe Saldana says her white gown kind of looks like a condom. That can’t be unseen.

The black one is stunning, but the red one kind of looks like a blob to me. And now I only see "condom" with the white one.

Viktor’s is impeccably made, but they think it could be pumped up a notch. Michael calls them commercial — but he means that as a compliment, as long as Viktor can turn it up for the runway.

The black dress gives the model a Barbie-doll-eque hip-to-waist ratio.

They ask who each designer would pick. Joshua picks Viktor and Anya. Kimberly picks Anya and Laura. Anya chooses Joshua and Viktor. Laura (choking up) chooses Viktor and Anya. Viktor picks Joshua and Anya. It’s like the three of them have an alliance or something. Is this Project Runway or Survivor?

The deliberation is intense, everyone has good and bad. Do they want three or four designers to show? Who to pick? The DRAMA.

Anya, Viktor and Joshua are in. It’s down to Kimberly and Laura — one of them will show.

Laura is out, which means Kimberly will show at fashion week. And then there were four. I’m sure there will be drama and twists and plenty of shellac in Joshua’s hair when we return.

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I don’t actually watch this show but the recaps are hilarious so I read them every week. I have never had an issue with these recaps before but surely the photos are mislabeled this week. Joshua was safe with that “i just tripped and got wrapped up in my shower curtain” dress?! I actually hate looking at his collection. It makes me angry. This isn’t even an opinion. This is just correct. Joshua’s outfits sucked and he must have paid someone to stick around. They were just disasters. I cannot understand this. At all.

Also, I liked Laura’s nightie and LOVED the suit.

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