Things to Wear on Your Feet This Winter

Much like things to wear on your head this winter, things to wear on your feet go from downright practical to the wonderfully fanciful. I often struggle in winter because I love to wear heels, but I also like to be warm, so finding the perfect heeled boot that gives me lift without making me almost die on my way from car to office is essential.

Oxfords: Oxfords are in, but were they ever out? Those who like flats should try these gorgeous oxfords from Madewell. I personally like a heel and so I have these from Aldo on my list. If money were no object, I would love to own these adorable oxfords from Lanvin.

Tall Boots: A good tall boot is essential. Ideally you should have two in your closet: one more practical that is still formal enough for work, and a pair of hot, hot boots for dates and the like. For everyday wear, I love these from Pikolinos. Now, if I had a hot date, I would be stepping out in these with a stacked heel from Nine West. Did you hear that stacked heels are in this year?

Practical boots: Thankfully, hiking-style boots are all the rage. I happened to find mine for $5 at an estate sale, but if you don’t have a passion for rifling through other people’s things, maybe try these.

Really, really warm boots: At some point looking good is not the point and staying warm and dry is. I always suggest Sorel boots, but there are any number of waterproof, warm winter boots on sale at your local big box store. I do not recommend Uggs because they do not stay dry. Plus they are ugly. I’m sorry to all the Ugg lovers, but I hate them.

Things to wear on your feet


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