Things to Wear on Your Head This Winter

The fashion pages have spoken and what you need to wear on your head this winter goes beyond your favorite wooly hat. Having skimmed through every fall catalog, tackled the Google, and paid more attention than I ought to Refinery 29, I present to you things to wear on your head this winter, from the highest of fashion to the silliest of parody.

A floppy hat: The wide-brimmed, slightly floppy felt hat has been all over the fashion pages. You could pick up this Emilio Pucci model for $355 from Net-a-Porter, or you can do as I will and ask your mom if she still has hers from the 1970s. That’s cheaper and won’t make you cry when all of the floppy felt hats go on sale in January and don’t come back in style next year.

A Beret: My favorite of winter headwear, the beret looks chic and classic and will always be in style. Though be sure you don’t get your name embroidered on it, or else I will make fun of you and call you Rusty Griswold.

A Trapper Hat: If you live in the frozen north and must spend any time outside in February, do yourself a favor and get one of these. I personally own the Bomber Hat from Eddie Bauer, and I have personally had to keep boyfriends from stealing it.

A Scarf: At some point this winter you are going to have done your hair, and at some point it is going to be windy, snowing, and cold, putting your beautiful curls or blow-out in jeopardy. The only thing I can recommend in a situation like this is a light-weight scarf (those fake pashmina ones are perfect). Wrap it loosely over your hair and ears and pretend you are some movie-star from the 1960s. Whip it off before going to wherever you are going, stuffing it in your purse or the sleeve of your jacket. You’ll look gorgeous, I promise.

things to wear on your head this winter


Something Silly: Of course, if winter gets you down, you can always perk yourself up with a side of cultural appropriation with one of these Spirit Hoods.

Spirit hoods
Model sold separately

For those who don’t actually want to look like an animal, one of our fellow Persephone editors snapped a picture of these hats at her local mall.

If you wear one of these, take a picture

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I’m 100% a fan of the wrap a scarf around your head look. It all started when I was living in Holland and realized I couldn’t master the “hold an umbrella while you bike everywhere” look. I found the scarf wrap was perfect at keeping my head dry and warm while allowing full use of my arms. Since moving back to the states, I’ve given up on umbrellas and rely heavily on hats and scarves.


Also, yes I do feel like a glamorous 1960s movie star.

I live in the North. The North North. Northwest Territories where it is -30 degrees celcius to -40 degrees celcius on a regular basis from November to March. Bad weeks it can be -50. I walk to work. Only the trapper hat would work for me, I’m afraid. What I usually wear on the top half of me is a scarf wrapped around the top of my head, a muff that goes around my ears, nose, and mouth. A silly owl hat, then the hood of my jacket. On windy days I will occasionally break our ski goggles.

I miss beret weather.

I grew up in Edmonton, I have this crazy combo neckwarmer/hood thing made out of polar fleece which is possibly the best invention ever, with lots of toggles so you can adjust around the eyes and at the bottom to make it nice and snug. On cold walks to school I wore that under a toque, with my hood on top. We usually level out around -25C to -35 C for most of the winter with some days in the -40s to -50s…….

In the Game of Thrones books I feel like the Starks are the Canadians. Too nice, and always talking about winter. :-P

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