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This Open Thread is Filled with Invisible Unicorns

It’s the weekend! Everybody Peanutsâ„¢ dance!

Or, you know, just engage in some witty commenting banner.  See you Monday!

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Guys! My dog is home again! She’s pretty wiped out, doesn’t have a lot of energy, and is currently napping on the couch in a blanket-burrito (she is a burrower, but cannot burrow with the cone, so I wrap her in blankets)… but she’s HOME!

And the vet did not charge for the care required from the complications, since it was either a medical or human error on their side (I don’t know which it is, and I don’t want to know), which is good because I looked at what the itemized bill would have been and oh goodness.

I still need to get a set of doggie-steps or a ramp so that she can safely get in and out of my bed.

I’m officially on vacation right now. I’m not going anywhere (and I refuse to legitimize the word “staycation”), so the only things I have really planned are deep cleaning the house and reading a lot. Which makes me a giant freaking nerd.

Right now, my bathtub is soaking with hot bleachy water (as is the toilet), I threw out the scuzzy old shower curtain liner, and I’m running the dishwasher. And having some coffee. It’s a start. I’m going to update my Goodreads and then dive into a book or six.

Brecht! I kind of have an inexplicable love of the Kurt Weill opera “The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny”  particularly this song: 

  which I also heard sampled in a rap once, it was insane (and perhaps also absurdist?)  I’ve been trying to find a video but all I’ve been finding is rap songs about alabama…

Guys. Guys, the vet student who has been taking care of my dog while she is under observation has been tucking her in. It’s something that I never would have thought to ask someone to do, but I do it all the time at home (especially when she’s not feeling well) because she loves being under blankets.

I may have cried when I found that out.

(Also, good news/bad news on the job thing… good news is it apparently wasn’t as much of a long shot as I thought. Bad news is they filled the position. Is secretly hoping that the person gets a better offer and takes it a terrible thing?)

I am so glad your dog is doing better. Also, yay for vets with awesome bedside manner/genuine care for animals and the people attached to them!!! (My parent’s dog recently had a cancer scare (it was a benign cyst) but the vet  was excellent with my Mom who was rather upset/worried and Horatio, the dog, who tends to not be a fan of going to the vet).

My dog haaaaates the vet (which is part of why he wants her home ASAP, so that she’s less stressed by being surrounded by people she hates). Fortunately for me, she doesn’t usually realize that the waiting room is part of the vet’s office. She needs to see something that makes her realize it, like a doctor coat or an exam room. And at that point we get the muzzle out, because one of her life goals is to eat a vet tech’s fingers.

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