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This Open Thread Never Terminates

Tonight’s dance party open thread features the nerdiest love song you will ever hear.  I saw The Two Man Gentleman Band live a few times a couple years ago and they put on a fun show. And I thought our readers might get a kick out of this song.  Sing it to the nerd you love today!

And readers, just so you know, we love YOU like the square root of two (written as a decimal).

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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Is anyone having trouble with the rss feed updating, too? I’ve always used google reader, and the last couple of weeks PM will randomly update all at once and I’ll have 30 articles, then nothing for a couple of days and the cycle repeats. I feel like I am seriously missing out over here.

Birthday report;

So far today I woke up with no alarm for me set (yay!) and cuddled with my kitty. Watched some eps of Sons of Anarachy and then set out with Wash for brunch. I got a chocolate croissant AND a cheese danish. Fuck calories today it tastes good. I then got 4 used books (with a $12 discount for my birthday) that I wanted to read. Just browsed until I saw something just for me that looked interesting. It was lovely! R got me a tasty as fuck tray of chocolate covered fruit and I have a huge tomato I picked from the vine at a farm yesterday to eat with some basil, mozzarella, and balsalmic di Modena.

I got my dad to make veggie shepherd’s pie and and my mum made a huge salad for my family dinner. And bien sur birthday frakkin’ pie. Got some sweet cards and hopefully my gifts will be in this week.
My birthday kicked ass.

Best part; there’s about an hour to go and it looks like unlike two years ago I will not be spending this birthday in the hospital. Which, really, is ideal.

Now that I’m catching up on all the new stuff that’s happened, I have to ask: Did the friend stuff go away? :(

Did I lose my Achievement Badge?  I loved that little thing – even if I earned it for having NO CLUE about Dr Who.  I’ve seen episodes now!

I feel like Old Becky after she returned when New Becky left.  :(


They were able to do my dog’s surgery today (finally!), and the anesthesia was completely uneventful! I guess they haven’t done the full neurological test, but she was blinking, so the facial nerve that they were worried about damaging seems okay.

I was such a wreck after I dropped her off today until I got that call. Between that, someone posting something triggery on FB this morning, and the fact that I have spider bites all over my boob and OMG it hurts so bad, it was kind of a crappy morning. But! Then it was a pretty awesome day, because she made it through.

She will be staying at the hospital for a few days, and then I’ll pick her up. It will be probably about 4 weeks before we know if the surgery was successful. Considering that this is her THIRD surgery (first at this hospital)… it darn well better be.

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