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TV Weddings: Why Can’t I Think of Any Good Ones?

I have weddings on the brain. No, I am not getting ready to walk down the aisle myself (thank God!). I’m just excited about the wedding I’m going to in a week, for one of my best friends from grad school. It’s in New York City, the invitation came in its own freaking box, and it is guaranteed to be an amazing experience.

I thought this week I would talk about my favorite television weddings (and when I say television weddings, I mean those that took place on sitcoms or dramas, not real life ones that were televised, like Prince William and Kate Middleton). But as I started to think about weddings, I realized not that many stood out.

One of the first to come to mind was Luke and Laura on General Hospital, which is kind of weird because I wasn’t even alive when they wed, but understandable because it was a major story when it happened. I also thought of Jesse and Becky on Full House (which involved Jesse skydiving, getting arrested, and then being saved by a gospel choir), and two weddings on Roseanne: Jackie and Fred and Darlene and David. Jackie and Fred’s was comical, with Jackie feeding their infant son Andy at the altar. David and Darlene’s went off without a hitch, until Dan had a heart attack (and, we learn during the final show of the series, died).

Other than that, I am struggling to think of a super memorable TV wedding. Sure, David and Donna finally got married after 10 years on Beverly Hills, 90210, but it really wasn’t some epic moment. What am I missing? Or what is a terribly underrated on-screen nuptial that you just can’t forget?

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Yeah Luke organised a big Stars Hollow shindig for Rory’s graduation/getting a job on the Obama campaign (I can’t remember which one as I’ve only watched most of S7 once due to it’s Christopher heavy nature).  Recently re-watched every other season up to when Luke’s daughter turned up.  Show really went off the rails then :(

Then Luke’s daughter turned up in Dexter propositioning him and it was all very weird.

Dax and Worf on DS9.

You already mentioned it but Luke and Laura on General Hospital, which was a huge deal when I was 5 and only discovered how messed up it was much later. Ross and Emily on Friends. Klinger and Soon Li on MASH. Andy and April on Parks and Rec. Kelly and Brandon’s non-wedding on 90210, which I mostly remember for how completely inappropriate Donna’s bridesmaid dress was. Sydney and Michael’s wedding on Melrose Place. Amanda and Jack’s wedding on Melrose Place. Kimberly and Michael’s wedding on Melrose Place.  There were a lot of weddings on Melrose Place.


Angela and Hodgins in Bones – they get married in a cell at a police station (I’m pretty sure). It was definitely new and different.

And obviously Dany and Drogo on Game of Thrones – there’s nothing like killing, exhibitionist sex and dragon eggs to really get a party going.

Friends had some memorable ones. Carol and Susan’s lesbian (non-legal) wedding where Ross walked Carol down the aisle; Ross saying the wrong name while marrying Emily; Chandler and Monica and the pregnancy mystery. There was the post-it “wedding’ on Grey’s Anatomy, contrasted with Callie and Arizona’s also not-legal ceremony. Grey’s has actually had a LOT of weddings (or near-misses). Damn, I know there are more but you’re right, it’s hard to remember them!

I really liked Jim and Pam’s wedding at Niagra Falls on The Office. Pam is all stressed about everyone from work being there and Jim lets it slip that Pam is pregnant to Pam’s super conservative grandma, and they just leave the church and go get married on the boat without anyone else. As I’ve been looking into doing this with my boyfriend (we’re not engaged, but talking about it), I’ve since learned that some people consider you a liar if you get married without anyone there and then have a “wedding,” or at least, that’s what lurking on TheKnot has taught me. But I kind of think some of those people are crazy, just between you and me.

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